The Vornado Ultra3 Mystery Revealed

Are you on the lookout for a good humidifier? The Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier is designed specially to create a comfortable atmosphere indoors by spreading humidity evenly. The device is very powerful and can pull dry air and then release humidity within the room. The device also comes with a humidistat that is built in and it helps to regulate the moisture or you also can set it up to operate continuously. The Bright LED facilitates better visibility of the settings. You can make three different adjustments to the fan speed to achieve Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifierthe desired humidity level. Over all as a buyer you will not be disappointed with this humidifier. This has already become very popular in the market and is outselling all the other models in the market.

Features Of Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier

  • Good Warranty: The manufacturer provides a warranty that is valid for 5 years
  • Capacity: The humidifier has a tank capacity of 1 gallon and an output of 2 gallons every day
  • Controls: The Controls on this humidifier are very user friendly and even a first timer will not have any trouble using it
  • Good Finishing: The Finishing of the this product is unmatched and its sturdy exteriors reassures that it will last for a very long time
  • Bright LED: The LED on the humidifier displays  all the necessary information
  • Fan settings: The fan on this device  can be set to 3 settings depending on your requirements
  • Performance: For its size the device can cover an area of about 600 square feet which is quite impressive
  • Dimensions: The humidifier is quite compact and measures about 15.8 inches x 9 inches x 9.7 inches


  • The device has deep blades that are effective in pulling dry air
  • Very effective in circulating moisture evenly around the room
  • Eliminates any airborne virus
  • You can clean the device very easily
  • The user manual has all the instructions mentioned very clearly in it
  • Very lightweight and so it can be carried around too
  • The controls are very user friendly so any one can use this
  • Has automated features to regulate moisture
  • The mineral cartridge can get rid of excess build up of minerals


  • The device can make a bit of noise when the fan speed is set on high but other than that there is no problem with the device


If you want to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in your home or office then the Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier is an absolute must buy. If you take the pros and features into consideration a minor flaw with the device will not matter. This product has already received rave reviews in many magazines and website simply because it is easy to use and delivers great performance. So, it is evident that you no longer have to depend on the expensive brands to buy a humidifier. Buy this device without any hesitation as it is very reasonable so you will get good value for your money.

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