Imagine the Undisputed 2 Gallon Vornado EVDC500 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier What It Does

Have you been longing for a reliable and a classic evaporative humidifier that you can mount anywhere without?  There are many possible options but there is no unit like that of Vornado EVDC500 evaporative humidifier. Even if you have not seen the features, only the appearance is enough for you to stop by to make inquiry about it.

Meet The Vornado EVDC500

Imagine the Undisputed 2 Gallon Vornado EVDC500 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier What It Does

Vornado has really gone beyond the competition in the recent years and have earned credit for their innovative product designs. That’s exactly what they’ve engineered into this EVDC500 unit from them and conceivable, not only outward look but they also went down to empower the unit to deliver humidity efficiently.  

One of the outstanding feature find in this vornado air humidifier is a 5 year product warranty plus 10 years of guarantee on the unit motor. It did not end there, also supported with real feedback customer team readily active to respond your challenges.  This unit is also energy saving, thanks to the smart energy dc motor that consumes less that 90% of electricity. 

Vornado EVDC500 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier

The dual gallon water tank reservoir holds more water that amounts up to 8gallon and this enables the humidifier power your home for 48 hrs operation in one refill. However, with this vornado model you don’t need to fill your humidifier almost every hour, only once in two days. The tanks also feature a wide opening that makes water top up and cleaning inside the tank easier as your hands can go into it conveniently.   

This machine comes with low water indicator light that inform you on low water output. The automatic empty tank shut off is another nice feature that makes the whole room 1000 sq. ft coverage unit safe because it will stop working when there is no water to convert into humidity.   

You can also customize the desire humidity taking control of the selectable humidity options so that you maintain a balance of humid environment. 


  • Dual tank of 4gallon capacity each
  • Designed for 1000 square feet homes
  • Energy saver technology dc motor
  • Safety features that protects the unit
  • Different fan speed options to choose from
  • Back up with good warranty policy but only available for US residence

Considering all of the features of this vornado, I cannot dispute the fact that this unit is one of the best vornado humidifiers you can rely upon if you want to maintain relative humidity at home.

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