The Misconception of Vornado Element A2 Air + Steam Humidifier as Steam Releaser to Warm Up Cold Room

Together we can enjoy powerful steam humidification in a whole room with in a second with Vornado Element. Steam humidifiers are not common on the market and they are of high demand.

Many of the big brands misconception in the world of humidifiers making are just too focused on cool and evaporative mist forgetting that some people still prefers unit that releases steam.

Well thanks to the Vornado Company that has brought this Vornado Element A2 Air to close the vacuum other brands overlooked.  And I strongly recommend it for those who want steam air in their room. Benoco s450 is another rated household steam humidifier among users which I recommend for bigger rooms. But all the same, both unit works similarly and you will get the most out of them.

Vornado Element A2 Air + Steam Humidifier Misconception Clarification

Vornado Element A2 Air + Steam Humidifier Misconception Clarification

Element A2 is not a unit to over looked, size does not matter but output is what’s important when it comes to humidification. The A2 will disappoint you on relying on bigger footprint units as it will humidify your home under a minute with steam which big size unit can deliver.  Has the capacity to deliver as much steam in homes measuring up to 1000 square feet. Not like traditional humidifiers, Vornado Element A2 is able to fill up your entire space with regulated amount of humidity without messing up where it’s kept.

Most especially, the problem of white dust, trouble washing dirt filter and wick associated with most humidifiers is over. All that, are things of the past because element A2 works without filters and yet delivers the safest and purest of steam air devoid of bacteria.

Vornado Element A2 Air + Steam Vornado Element A2 Air + Steam review

Most noteworthy, the pursuit of accurate indoor humidity at home is now what you can control with vornado A2 to tailor humidness according to personal demand. You can create three different steam output, just choose the steam temperature that’s suitable for you or kids or the season.  This means you create a comfortable steam you will enjoy yourself on purchasing the airflow humidifying system.

In addition, designed with dual tank and each tank provide 4 gallon output which lasts for 24hours. In other words, both takes last you 2days and that’s 48 hours before refilling.  Also, the whole of the operation process is monitored with auto refill notification as to when to add water back into the tanks and if at all you are not within reach, the unit turns off automatically.

Vornado Element A2 Air + Steam

Most relevant, built to US standard voltage requirement, certified and safety tested. The overwhelming aspect fully covered with 5 years of warranty and at the same time supported with customer service care located in Andover, KS. 

I think I’ve said much about this Steam Humidifier, below are the summary point and you can as well visit the product page for more information provided by consumers.


  • 1,000 sq ft. coverage
  • Digital display
  • Use with essential oil
  • 3 ready steam settings
  • A 12hr timer and automatic shut off
  • Two tanks of 8 liter capacity last 48 hrs.
  • 5 years back up warranty for US residents only.
  • Lockable touch screen for unauthorized access

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