Don’t Just Sit There! Start Essick Air AIRCARE H12-300HB

The Essick Air AIRCARE H12-300HB is the best evaporative humidifier to be sold in the market right now. The performance of this device is so good that it has started outselling every other rival brand.  This model boasts of vast improvement over the previous models. The gadget releases moisture via a wick filter into the environment. This comes with a user manual that teaches you how to use it perfectly well.  As a user you will never regret buying this humidifier.

Essick Air AIRCARE H12-300HBFeatures Of Essick Air AIRCARE H12-300HB

  • Fully Automatic: This is the best feature of the humidifier as it goes into shut down mode when there is enough humidity in the room. This feature also helps you save a lot of electricity.
  • Analog Control: The device comes with very user friendly analog control that lets attain accurate levels of accuracy. Even if you are first timer you will not have trouble using this humidifier.
  • Easy maintenance: The device comes with a power pack that can be dismantles and gives to the chance to clean the humidifier properly. You can also remove any mineral deposits present in the Wicks.
  • Fabulous Capacity: The water tank has a capacity of 5.4 gallons and the output is 11.9 gallons every day. The fan has 4 different settings which adds to the performance. The humidifier works well on a house of 3700 square feet.
  • Great Finishing: The finishing of the product is sturdy and it is evident that it will last for a good number of years. This is good value for money.


  • This device is just great for adding moisture to dry air inside a room
  • The humidifier is capable of raising the humidity levels to about 86%
  • With this you can keep your house free from flu viruses that are borne by air
  • By introducing the perfect amount of humidity in the air your eyes, throat, mouth, sinuses, nasal passages, nose can be free from any discomfort
  • No more allergies from Pet dander
  • Saves a lot of electricity so you can cut down on bills by 10%
  • The controls on the humidifier are very user friendly so as first timer you will not have any problems
  • The capacity of the tank is impressive
  • Has a run time of about 45  hours
  • Very low maintenance which is a huge plus point of the product


  • The gadget has a slight droning noise to it but it is not a huge problem and should not discourage you from buying the product


Taking the features and pros into consideration it can be safely assumed that this product is well worth the money. The Essick Air AIRCARE H12-300HB packs in a very powerful performance and with that you can add humidity to your entire house. This device covers an area of 3700 square feet which means you can get the best out of this device. So, yes go right ahead and buy this gadget.

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