An Honest Review of the Aprilaire Model 500 M

There is no doubt that humidifier works like a charm in medium sized houses. The best thing about this device is that it requires minimum maintenance. The bypass humidifier is a huge improvement over the previous models that have been released in the market. In fact this is outselling ever other brand in the market by leaps and bound. There is no doubt that the Aprilaire Model 500 M is worth every penny you spend on it. The after sales services are quite commendable too. As a customer you will never regret buying this device.

An Honest Review of the Aprilaire Model 500 M
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  • Drainage: The device has a good drainage system that gets rid of all the mineral deposits within the unit
  • Versatile:  This can be installed in the central heating and the ductwork of a cooling system
  • Not Complicated: This has a very easy left or right change over for discharge
  • Great Performance: Performs all the vital services like maintaining a comfortable temperature and humidity while operating in the manual mode
  • Wattage: The device operates on 120 watts which means you do not spend too much on electricity
  • Good Finishing: The finishing of the product is top notch and it is evident that it will last for a very long time  to come


  • The device comes with a bypass damper built into it, so it means you do not have to install too many parts
  • The installation is very easy which is a huge plus point
  • With this device you can control the levels of humidity in the room
  • Even while operating in the manual mode it still gives accurate temperature readings
  • The good thing about this device is that it does not require too much of maintenance
  • Built for houses that measure up 3000 square feet
  • The drainage system makes sure that all the mineral are properly flushed out from the unit
  • The device boats of an impressive evaporation capacity which is about 0.50 gallons every hour
  • Since this operates on 120 watts you can expect to make substantial savings on electricity
  • The weight is about 7.5 pounds which is again good in case you need to move it around
  • This humidifier is just perfect for the winter and summer months and this makes it a very desirable product
  • The product is not that noiseless as it claims to be but then again this is a minor flaw and should not discourage you from buying it


Overall the performance of this device is great, it may have certain minor flaws but the pluses outweigh them by a far cry. This is a fabulous product and it is a must buy for all homeowners. There is no way that you will be disappointed with Aprilaire Model 500 M.  You can buy this online and sometimes the online vendors offer fabulous discounts so you can end up buying it much cheaper. This is great value for money in every way so buy it without any hesitation.

Check Price On Amazon

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