How to Make DIY Homemade Humidifier at Home Naturally

If you’re concerned about Homemade Humidifier and how you can do it yourself (diy), you’re welcome to learn different methods to naturally humidify your bedroom and living space.

Winter days are not time to play with at all. Many people waked up one morning with sudden feeling of dry sore throat. Others wake up seeing  themselves batting with dry cough, flu, cold and allergies inclusive.

However, if you are wondering what could have been the reasons for the problem attacking you, then I will tell you. Dry air inside your home is the responsible factor and dry air is a product of winter.

Scientific studies confirms that the temperature outside drop drastically during winter and invariably makes the temperature inside the house to be cold. For this reason people are forced to turn on heater to warm up their home to get a warmer air. Although, this is good but also double up air dryness that result into more health problems such as itchy dry eyes, sore throat, and dry skin. It also heightens allergies and asthma reaction.

Often time, people are advised to buy a humidifier during this period. But the question is a humidifier the only right and best solution to fight dry air in the home or is there any other ways that seems to be more efficient and economical?  Lets us find out today, so that we stop living on the myriad of humidifier solution only.

Should You Buy or Try Homemade Humidifier

Humidifiers some worth provides easier and faster way of moistening the dry air at home but sometime could be posing a problem.  What I mean, some warm mist humidifiers models sometimes release hotter mist that can burn children. Also since they boil water it means they use up electricity and may double up your monthly bill since you will be forced to run in almost all the time just to provide the comfort needed.

If you think humidifier is best for you, that’s no problem but what I’m concerned is to show you alternatives way to creating home-made natural humidifiers with no side effect, simple to use and cheaper compared to conventional humidifying device. Most relevantly, the home made humidifier I will show you can ease congestion, stuffy nose, cough just like the electronic units.

The homemade humidifier procedure is basic for anyone to adopt in order to output water back into the air to eliminate dry air. However before you decide to invest on a humidifier this winter, you may like the below money saving and problem free alternatives of humidification discussed:

1. Heat a Glass of Water on a Heater

How to Make DIY Homemade Humidifier at Home NaturallyThis is one of the most simple, easy and very effective way to humidify your home air but you will need a heater to do this. However, if you have a heater already, simply get a glass cup and fill it with water then place it on your heater. Leave it to boil which will further evaporate into the air as vapor. Don’t be scared, your glass will not break because they are usually resistant to heat. But ensure your heater is not too over heated.

I like this method because you can also add a drop of essential oil to the water to release added aroma to your air.

So the advise, try one bottle at a time and if there is significant different then continue the process.

2. Home-made Sponge humidifier

Home-made Sponge humidifierYou may also consider the sponge method if you don’t like the glass heating technique that may seems worrisome to you. So to start humidifying your home with this method, you will need the following, a rubber freezer bag, a scissor and a large sponge.  After getting all these things in place, you then need to make a punch of holes on the bag using the scissors. When that is done, soak your sponge in warm water and squeeze it in order to remove excess water from it. However, ensure that the sponge is only wet and not dripping water. If you have follow the necessary step correctly then place the sponge in the plastic bag that you’ve bore hole in and then find any suitable position in your house where you want to humidify to place it.

You can repeat the process again but should not be more than two times daily. Since you may find this helpful as times goes, I will advise you find a way to prevents bacteria or harmful substance thriving on the sponge. Possibly micro-wave it to kill to any form of potential bacteria

3. Hot shower or bath humidifier

Hot shower or bath humidifierThis method is good for those whose bathroom is closer to their bedroom. The scenario behind the hot shower method is that, research finding claims that warm mist humidifier works by releasing steam into the air which we all know. However, hot shower does the same thing, as it serves as means of creating steam. So if you are to use this home-made humidifier method, you will need to open your bathroom door while taking a hot bath. And as you shower, water molecules leaves and evaporates thereby creating vapor steam to saturated dry roomy air.

4. Use houseplants

Use houseplantsThis is another effective natural way of humidifying home air to ease dry skin, sinus, allergies and asthma as the case may be.

This method is scientifically proved and not just a mere formulation. We know plants transpire and this process involves them releasing water. Although can’t be seen with the eyes but the water being released from the plants leaves, stem and flowers helps to moisturize your home.

To use the houseplant technique, you need to purchase a house plant or flower and place it a strategic location in your home.

Furthermore, for more effective result, place the plant in a wet bowl in order to raise the plants humidity. If you don’t like that method, you may water the plants daily to also increase its humidity and thus, the water eventually return back to your air as transpiration occurs.

 5. Bowl of searing hot water

 Bowl of searing hot waterA hot water bowl can also be a better alternative to humidifier use. This method is quick one and effective natural room humidification way and it’s safe as well.

What you need do, put a bowl full of water in a stove. Allow it to boil and after that, seal the bowl for some minutes in order for the steam to come together and then take the bowl to the room where you want to humidify and then remove the seal.  Immediately you open it, steam will leave the bowl into the air while instantly moisturizing the air.

Why do I prefer the bowl searing hot water method? The boiling process kills or renders bacteria inactive which mean, no worry about contacting symptoms of flu or cold.

6. Spray water on curtains

Spray water on curtainsSpray bottle is another simple way to add humidity to home. What you just need do, get a spray bottle, put some water inside ad spray the water on your home curtains until it get soaked a bit. Leave the curtain to dry out slowly and as it dries further creates humid air because the water is escaping into the atmosphere.

Final word,

If the all the above methods still not idea for you and you believe humidifier is the best option for you, then feel free to check this recommendation for you. It’s affordable, low running cost and only requires simple steps to put to use.

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