Homedics Humidifier Warm and Cool Mist (Best for Winter & Summer)

Every winter period is a serious concern as low humidity becomes the order of the day. Also staying and surviving in the cold dry air that accompanies this season of the year is health threatening. Your skin that has been looking healthy during the summer becomes dried in the winter. Others have to battle with sinus problems among others difficulties in breathing due excessive air dryness. To prevent all these ugly and discomforting conditions, adding moisture to your home is thus a welcome-able practice. Therefore, you’ll need to invest in a humidifier which is a device designed for low humidity control. To help you out, since there are many of this appliance on the market, it may be difficult for you knowing the best product for you. We however bring homedics humidifier warm and cool mist for your consideration.

This tower cool and warm mist humidity provider is a product of Homedics. This company is renowned for in-house wellness appliance making. As such you can rely on this ultrasonic unit from them. Before the review, check out the features below.

Homedics Humidifier Warm and Cool Mist

Homedics Humidifier Warm and Cool Mist (Best for Winter & Summer)
  • Warm/cool mist
  • 1.5 gallon tank
  • LCD display
  • 65 hour runtime
  • Clean tank technology
  • Bonus demineralized cartridge
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Although is dual mist but doesn’t mean is an expensive device. This homedics cost only a hundred dollars yet you’ll able to choose either warm or cool mist. For cold winter, the warm mists will do you better keeping the air warmer. While in summer hot temperature, preferable to turn on the cool mists options.

If you’re the type that dislike frequent tank refilling, great to announce to you this Homedic comes with a large reservoir that last the humidifier for 65 hours before the next refill. However on high speed settings, runtime may drop, nevertheless, up to 36 hours of moisture can still be achieved. The tank is a removable design that allows for easy refilling and cleaning.

This Homedics Humidifier Cool and Warm Mist has a LCD read out that displays current room humidity levels – as such, you can programmed a targeted level. More so, you can adjust mist temperature and mist intensity to a desire level. There is also an automatic shut off for low tank and also timer settings up to eight hours.

Most relevantly, the issues of white dust common to most humidifiers is addressed, thanks to the demineralized cartridge that acts to reduce mineral deposit. However, cartridge needs to be changed after 40 refilling (at least once every 2 months)

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  • For large rooms
  • User manual
  • No problem of white dust
  • 1 year warranty
  • Cost of replacing cartridge


Can I used essential oil? No, it does not support the use of aroma diffusing.

How often should I change cartridge? According to the maker, said after 30 to 40 refilling, cartridge should be replaced.

Can I use tap water? Yes you can use tap water on warm mist option but for cool mist operation, distilled water is recommended to avoid white minerals and molds problems.

Final words,

Yes, there are many homedics humidifier warm and cool mist but from the above discussion, we saw the attributes that makes it worth purchasing. Nonetheless, if you aren’t satisfied, endeavor to check more homedics products here.