The Best Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier 2020 – Reviews

This discussion on holmes ultrasonic humidifier is to help you discover your owe best ultrasonic from the holmes humidifier company. Holmes is a US based company known for manufacturing products that meets consumer’s satisfaction. If you haven’t used their products before, I guess you should try one today as trial will convince you.  I have been in the business of humidifiers reviews for years. And I can boldly tell you before I put any unit across to my audience I do through research concerning them. Because I know how it feels to invest hard earn money buying something that is of low quality and less performing.

Trust is what I intend building with people who come across my resource, so that they can come again next if they have a need to solve similar problem. I know today, after going through the brief product discussion on this holmes ultrasonic units, you will be satisfied and be assure of the right decision to make.

Brief word about ultrasonic humidifiers, for those who have no prior knowledge, ultrasonic units don’t use filters in their operation. Also they come in small size and generally designed to be use in single room humidification. Although I have one unit here that uses filter but not ultrasonic, I decided to include it to the list because I know some people might like it.

Product Name
Holmes HM2610-TUM HM2610TUM
Holmes HM2610-TUM HM2610TUM Check Price

  • 1.5 gallon capacity
  • 24 hours run time
  • For small rooms

Holmes Ultrasonic HM495
Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier Filter-Free HM495 Check Price

  • 1.3 gallon capacity
  • 24 hours run time
  • For small rooms

Holmes Whale HUL2622W-UM
Holmes Ultrasonic Whale HUL2622W-UM Check Price

  • 1 gallon capacity
  • 10 hours runtime
  • Ideal for kids room

Holmes Cool Mist Tower HM630-NU
Holmes Cool Mist Tower HM630-NU Check Price

  • 1.5 gallon capacity
  • 30 hours runtime
  • For medium rooms

Holmes Group Purified Cool Mist HM1300-NU
Holmes Group Purified Cool Mist HM1300-NU Check Price

  • 1 gallon capacity
  • 24 hours runtime
  • For small rooms


6 Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier Reviews

1. Holmes HM2610-TUM HM2610TUM

The Best Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier Discussion and Guide

This is my number one pick in this ultrasonic unit discussion and may be the best unit to you to an extent. It all depends on what criteria you may be thinking on what makes the best one. The HM2610 is designed for use in small to medium sized rooms. So with this unit will help increase the quality of air in such coverage area and at the same time protects you from harmful effect that’s associated with dry air.

This product produces visible cool mist which can be felt also. Also, the mist level can be tailored to individual preference by choosing from the variable mist control speed. Most relevantly, feature a rotating mist nozzle that distributes cool mist randomly in the air ensuring even mist circulation in your room. All what makes a good humidifier is inputted in to this ultrasonic device such as auto shut off that turns it off when tank is low.


  • Provides cool mist air that is visible and can be felt
  • Rotating nozzle means cool mist all round the room
  • Empty tank indicator for unit safety
  • 5 gallon tank capacity power the unit for 24 hours
  • Select from multiple mist speed control
  • It does not use filter in its operation and ideal for medium rooms

The overall conclusion about Holmes HM2610-TUM HM2610TUM, it’s easy to operate, low maintaining cost because no filters to replace which add up to running cost. If this seems to be ideal for you, you can check for latest discount price giving for purchase.

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2. Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier Filter-Free HM495

Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier Filter-Free HM495

The HM495 is the next ultrasonic unit in this holmes reviews list. This one is also recommended for use in medium size rooms. That is, it’s perfect for bedrooms, living room and office use. Note it, not all ultrasonic units can be use in public environment but this particular holmes ultrasonic unit can be use in office due to its modern appearance.

Although, it’s a filter free unit just like the one above but has its unique feature too. For instance, the tank is infused with antimicrobial protection and this helps prevent growth of bacteria that can cause odor and stains or adversely affect the overall unit performance. This model is designed to run silently so that users sleep time won’t be disturbed at all while receiving healthy air that relives dry air. Few point to note in this device are listed below


  • Only works better in medium space room
  • Although, ultrasonic unit don’t use filters that’s one benefit awaiting you
  • Silent operation to expect from this HM495 model
  • Variable mist control
  • 3 gallon of water reservoir powers the ultrasonic up to 24 hours
  • Attractive and space saving design

What makes this product different? The tank is equipped with antimicrobial material to protect it against ill health threatening water-based living agents.

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3. Holmes Ultrasonic Whale HUL2622W-UM

Holmes Ultrasonic Whale HUL2622W-UM

For parents or mothers looking for an ultrasonic humidifier from the holms brand to install in their babies room, here is Whale HUL2622W-UM Humidifier. This unit is ideal for children rooms humidity needs. Improving the air quality in your kid’s room up to ten hours is possible with this product from a 1 gallon capacity tank.

One unique feature that makes this product for kids is the quiet operation which doesn’t disturb their sleep. To operate it, is quite easy, it feature a variable control knob to set the mist easily. Cleaning or maintenance cost is not something to worry about. The use has no filters making it a less cleaning time for users and since no filters to replace also means low cost of maintenance.  See what’s more below


  • This use is a good suggestion for kid’s rooms
  • It doesn’t create disturbing noise
  • Small and portable to carry about
  • Run for ten hours from 1 gallon tank
  • Removable water tank to refill with ease
  • Has multiple mist control speed
  • Works without the use of filter

If you value your children health during the winter, then considering this humidifier for them is one of the safest ways to protect from dry air and discomfort.

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4. Holmes Cool Mist Tower HM630-NU

Holmes Cool Mist Tower HM630-NU

Everyone humidity need timing varies. Some people want a machine that delivers for long hours without them haven’t to refill it after a short time. So if you have been looking a Holmes coolmist unit that can last for long hours, never hesitate to check out this. The tower design is a perfect choice for use in medium size room coverage.

With its digital humidistat feature, will help to determine the right humidity level that will be suitable for your environment and auto-adjust it to maintain optimal home comfort. All  what you need to ensure your unit doesn’t get dirty and start releasing bad air into your air is available such as filter monitoring indicator check.  More so, it’s designed is space saving and it’s a tabletop device.


  • Release cool invisible mist
  • Filter check indicator
  • Digital humidity control for home comfort
  • Space saving tower design
  • Long running time up to 30 hours
  • Cleaning easier with a safe dishwasher that comes with it

What makes this holmes unit difference is the tower design that can fit into tight table area and long duration of operation about 30hrs.

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5. Holmes Group Purified Cool Mist HM1300-NU

Holmes Group Purified Cool Mist HM1300-NU

Still on the holmes ultrasonic reviews list, comes my next rated Holmes HM1300-NU. Seeing from the image, very small in size with classic look that’s eye catching but that’s just the outer finishing.  Nevertheless, if you can not offend expensive units over a $50 above then a cheap unit like this, pricing $50 doesn’t means it’s a worthless unit.

Let’s be frank, you buy expensive units yet they can only be use for small area humidification then what’s wrong investing on this low price unit that can also power small rooms.  See don’t let big price FOOL you but be wise why making decision in buying things in this jet age.

Well, if you’re among those that dislike humidifiers with filters, my 5th position holmes humidifier in this ultrasonic reviews feature built-in filter. So what you only need is to clean and replacing of filters which reduces additional running cost. Also, with this unit humidity level is tailored to 2 speed settings. That is, you can choose between low and high settings. In order to keep your unit against bacteria, molds and others, the manufacturer infuses the tank with antimicrobial protection.   Please see further details about this unit.


  • Designed to run for 24 hours
  • Shatteredproof tank
  • Two speed settings control
  • Built-in filter for cost reduction
  • One gallon tank holding capacity
  • This is another unit for small room humidity dispersion
  • The tank is treated with arm and hammer baking soda to prevent odor or stains

It might be small in size and cheaply priced but the features are robust enough and I believe you will testify yourself only if you can consider it. But if there is still doubt you want to clarify, you can follow the appropriate link to find out more.

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General Conclusion

The weight of your decision depends on what unit seems to be the best for you in this holmes ultrasonic humidifier discussion. I have reviewed 5 products with their various features. However, is your time to exonerate yourself on the right choice that makes up the best pick for you?

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