What Humidifier Sickness Symptoms Indicate You Need Moisture At Home

Every day, we’ve to be caution of climate change, human activities contributes and thus affect indoor humidity level. Naturally winter is always a blamed factor responsible for low home humidity which later translates into dry air. The outcome of dry air however aggravate discomforting symptoms that may require hurting for a humidifier for home use. … Read more

Mold in Humidifier Symptoms: True or False

If you run a dirty humidifier, you’ll always have issues of mold problems as a humidifier symptoms in your house. Another fact, if you over humidified beyond 50%, expect to see mold living around with you. Nevertheless striking a balance on proper humidifiers practice in terms of operation and maintenance is key to solving mold … Read more

Air Purifier or Humidifier for Asthma: Which Is Best?

You thinking if you should choose an air purifier over humidifier for asthma? You cannot justify yourself until you get to understand the functionality of both device. Even though they are designed for indoor air quality improvement or good for breathing and respiratory problems, their difference still exist which distinguish them. Understanding an Air purifier … Read more

Difference between Vaporizer and Humidifier

Matching these words “vaporizer”and “humidifier” we get confused about them being similar. Although they might project similar end results, but little do we know that there are differences between them. I would want us to know the various differences which puts each device in a class of its own. Before I enlighten you on the … Read more

How to Clean A Humidifier In Few Steps

To most people how to clean a humidifier is a major problem but forgetting that dirty humidifiers promotes bacteria, molds and other micro-organisms to thrive inside the unit tank. I know you don’t want to risk your health by breathing dirty air being released from a dirty humidifier. If this is your concerned then ceased … Read more

10 Faqs About Humidifier Use -Most Frequently Asked Questions

There are frequently asked questions about humidifier use on daily basis. Many people have little or no knowledge about the general aspect of a humidifier. To most people this device is machine that humidifies the air and that’s all to them. Well that’s true but to efficiently run and use your humidifier properly while ensuring … Read more

How to Make DIY Homemade Humidifier at Home Naturally

If you’re concerned about Homemade Humidifier and how you can do it yourself (diy), you’re welcome to learn different methods to naturally humidify your bedroom and living space. Winter days are not time to play with at all. Many people waked up one morning with sudden feeling of dry sore throat. Others wake up seeing  … Read more