10 Faqs About Humidifier Use -Most Frequently Asked Questions

There are frequently asked questions about humidifier use on daily basis. Many people have little or no knowledge about the general aspect of a humidifier. To most people this device is machine that humidifies the air and that’s all to them. Well that’s true but to efficiently run and use your humidifier properly while ensuring your health is safe and the machine don’t gets damaged on time, it is wise to be knowledgeable about certain aspect.

However, by the time you’re through reading this humidifiers FAQS I’m sure it will be easier handling this device.

10 Faqs About Humidifier Use -Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is humidification?

This is a process of maintaining relative humidity RH% at home. This is done to enable households have a comfortable living condition by ensuring optimal humidity level in the home. In order words, the term humidification means regulating room temperature to eliminate discomforting feeling such as static electric shock, dry atmosphere and so on. However, the process can be achieved via humidifier that helps increase indoor humidity whether in single room or whole house. There are also cheap and safe natural homemade humidifiers as alternative to humidifiers for humidification needs.

2. What is a humidifier?

It’s machine invented by Raymond Banks July 27, 1962 to artificially increase moisture in homes where there is low humidity. By increasing the level of humidity eliminate dry air, itchy eyes, dry sinuses, stuffy nose and early morning sore throat. Optimal humidification can help prevent allergies, asthma and eczema.  The benefit of humidifier also protects wooden floors and furniture from drying out.

3. How does a humidifier work?

All humidifier function in similar way no matter the type you have. Most importantly, offer mist into the air to moisten the atmosphere. Since a humidifier exist different types, each type working mode varies. For instance, ultrasonic humidifiers works through the uses of vibrating disk which run at higher frequency level to produce droplets of water converted into mist. This type doesn’t consume much energy but some models do create white dust when hard water is use for them. Also, ultrasonic units encourage standing water which may be thriving place for bacteria. However, you can empty your unit when not in use.

Evaporative humidifiers use internal fan to withdraw air from the home into the unit and then forces the air to pass through a saturated wick filter to moisten the air. When the air is moistened enough, the fan further brings it back into your home air.

There are also the steam and impellers unit, each with their different functioning technique.

Most relevantly, a humidifier is basically designed to deliver two moisture; cool mist and warm mist. Your preference will determine the unit you want.

Cool mist humidifiers provide room temperature cool to feel. Cool mist units also are baby friendly and mostly used by newborns mothers for their baby nursery beds. While the warm mist humidifiers just the best if you want to fight cold winter air. This type works by boiling the water and further cools it to a certain degree that is ideal for human living before releasing into the air. If you’re looking for single room use or model that is nice for a whole house humidity provision. I’ll recommend MistAire XL for single rooms and Aircare 1201 for whole whole house.

4. What does a humidifier do for you?

Often times, people ask why do I need a humidifier? To keep it clear, dry air or low indoor humidity level aggravates many health issues. Winter and over-heating home air with furnace, space heaters are the responsible factors for home drying out. So to overcome a reduced humidity or air dryness, you need a humidifier to output required level of mist to boost better air in your home. This condition mentioned below can be averted by simply installing a humidifier in your house:

  • Dry sinus passage
  • Stuffy nose
  • Bloody nose
  • Cracked lips
  • Scale and dry skin

Simply running a humidifier helps prevents the above ill-health conditions that may require you going to the hospital to treat. Many trusted brands of humidifiers such as the Honeywell brands and the aprilaire brands are available on the market to consider. You can pick unit from them if you want a powerful unit that works well.

5. Why should you use a humidifier?

Because low humidity is vulnerable to your health, you’ll need a humidifier to add sufficient amount of moisture air to keep a moderate and comfortable living space.

6. Do cool mist humidifiers cool down a room?

People do ask me if cool mist humidifier cool down a room. Yes, it does cool a room but you need an efficient unit that has the coverage capacity of your room space.

7. Should a humidifier run all night

There are no studies that counteract that the use of a humidifier all through the night is bed. After all, there are unit that can operates for 24hres, 36hrs and so on. So there is no limited time to run a humidifier while sleeping at night. What you need to, ensure you keep the unit running at desire speed to avoid too humid environment.

Besides sleeping with a humidifier every night benefits is another thing to note. You can find the list below:

  • Improves your sleep as a well humidifies rooms provides comfort.
  • Keep your skin hydrated
  • When you sleep with a humidifier prevents morning sore throat
  • Symptoms of allergies and asthma episode usually caused by dry air is reduced

9. Where to place a humidifier

Depending on the technology you have determines where you need to place it. If you’re to invest on furnace system, you will need to installed it on a permanent location but should be close to your home water system. Because, this type withdraws water directly from the home water supply reservoir but for single room units, some models can be place on tabletop while others mounted on the ground levels depending on the size.

10. What’s the right humidifier setting for your space?

The humidifier settings chart below will help you on choose a unit ideal for your space.

What’s the right humidifier setting for your space?

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