Top 4 Best Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Reviews In 2020

This crane ultrasonic cool mist humidifier reviews is for those looking for the best crane ultrasonic humidifier for cool mist. To make this winter interesting and void of problems of dry air such as skin  drying out, dry eyes, all forms of congestion that causes short breathing  and others.  Join me as you will learn which of the humidifier can will serve the winter needs the most in terms of humidification. Many ultrasonic brands are on the market such as ultrasonic humidifiers from the Holmes brand which may also interest you.

Best Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Comparison Chart

Product Name
Crane USA Humidifiers
Crane USA Humidifiers - Ultrasonic Cool Check Price

  • Large space coverage
  • 24 hours run time

Crane USA Smart Drop WiFi
Crane USA Smart Drop WiFi Ultrasonic Cool Mist Check Price

  • Small room coverage
  • 3 hours run time

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Check Price

  • Personal space coverage
  • 12 hours operation

Crane USA Filter-Free Cool
Crane USA Filter-Free Cool Check Price

  • Small room coverage
  • 24 hours run time


4 Best Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers Reviews

1. Crane USA Humidifiers – Ultrasonic Cool

Crane USA Humidifiers - Ultrasonic Cool

Welcome you to this amazing crane USA humidifier as the name sound. The good thing about the ultrasonic USA units is that many humidifiers can only be use for specific area humidification. But this one is totally a deviation from that restriction. The manufacturer design it for use in different areas of the homes. For example, you can use it in the bedroom. Also use it in your baby nursery bed and also a better choice for office. The design is indescribably making it fit any modern environment you can ever imagine. If I would be too positively minded, I think this is one of the best designed product crane has on the market. I know you will support me if only you can do an in-depth research about products from this brand.

To mention the features, as ultrasonic unit, no filter is expected to be seen as ultrasonic unit don’t use filters. This practically means, no much hassle cleaning the unit and also you wouldn’t spend money changing filters like competitive units that uses filter. When you think about the coverage space, you might be surprise that this small unit can humidifies spaces up to five hundred square feet. This unit is also design to turn-off immediately when there is no water to be dispersed to keep it safe.  With its one gallon water capacity, this will power your space throughout the day.

To some people long words counts but to me major point count better, so here is the break down to this product


  • Design in USA
  • 120V requirement
  • Auto-shut off water sensor
  • Space saving and works quietly
  • For office, nursery beds and bedroom use
  • It can humidify space within 500 sq. ft.
  • No filter but uses demineralized cartridge
  • 360 degree mist lid for anywhere you want it the mist
  • Clean control function kills bacteria, molds up to 99%

If there is still anything I have to say about this crane ultrasonic, it means it worth having by any household looking for ultrasonic unit.

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2. Crane USA Smart Drop WiFi Ultrasonic Cool Mist

Crane USA Smart Drop WiFi Ultrasonic Cool Mist

I really spent time reviewing the first product but it really worth it but I hope to cover this one as soon as possible in few words delivering the major point.  However, bias is deleted for you not to fall short of expectation.

Nevertheless, this second place unit in this discussion list has one special feature most competitive product doesn’t have. The manufacturer designs the Smart Drop model with Wifi connection. This means you can operate it anywhere via free crane mobile app. This is really creativity to use a humidifier effortlessly without having to disturbing yourself turning ON or Off. However, this can be of great help especially night when you are tired to get up from your bed; you simply operate it while on bed with your phone.

The Wifi enable humidifier also comes with a standing where you can place it. Wow that’s a special touch to this unit. I don’t know if this discussion sounds interesting to you but if it does, then join me with the rest of this product point that count below


  • It runs for 36 hours providing mist
  • 5 gallon tank reservoir
  • Award winning design
  • BPA free unit certified
  • Variable mist control
  • Digital humidistat
  • Time available in this unit
  • Touch sensor LCD display
  • Wifi enable for flexible operation
  • The base is made with antimicrobial material
  • Comes with metal stand for safe use
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • It comes in two color (choose either white or grey)
  • Clean control antimicrobial feature prevents bacteria and reduce mold growth

With this unit, you don’t need to stress yourself. Simply use the wifi connection to operate it anywhere. I also believe the features will convince you it’s a robust unit that will deliver just as it has been made to do.

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3. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

I hope before the end of my crane ultrasonic humidifier reviews list; you will not be confused on which product to pick as the list may look complex not knowing which one to pick again. I will not be surprise but I will cheer you up to go according to what comes in your mind. However, my third place unit I classified it as personal humidifier because it can only humidify area not more than 160 degree sq. ft. nevertheless, it can serve small medium rooms, newborns nursery beds and other small spaces you can think off.

This crane personal model features 360 degree mist nozzle. This nozzle rotates releasing cool mist air in your environment evenly. Which means everywhere circulation of mist to enjoy. Additionally, runs with whisper sound without generating noise that may cause distraction to users.  Let’s check out few weighted point down here


  • Feature 0.2 tank capacity and this power the unit for up to 8 – 12 hours
  • Has a mist nozzle that rotates in 360 directionally spreading mist evenly
  • This unit will turn-off by itself when tank is empty
  • Designed to covers spaces up to 160 square feet
  • The base is infuse with anti-microbial material protection
  • Quiet run time to expect, meaning serene environment

Final words concerning this unit, it is ideal for as personal space humidifier or tight spaces or bedroom.

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4. Crane USA Hippo Humidifiers for Kids

Crane USA Hippo Humidifiers for Kids

It has not been easy putting this reviews together but thank God, we have finally hit the last but not the least performing crane coolmist ultrasonic unit. The manufacturer specifically stated that this Hippo is designed for kids. Well I can’t justify the reason but I guess maybe it’s because of the baby looks it has. Nevertheless, mothers can utilize this opportunity to transfer their affection to their young ones by making their living space healthy running this unit in the room.

For up to 24 hours run time, this unit will protect kid’s or babies from vulnerable problems especially dry winter air. All of that is achieved from a one gallon water accommodation tank.  The unit is also equipped with anti-microbial features to destroy any potential virus and bacteria that may stand as threats to the health of your children. This is also a filter free unit requiring less cleaning. Also designed to turn off automatically whenever unit run out of water. Check further specification at glance


  • Ideal for children room
  • 1 gallon water holding rate
  • Kills water-base ill health threatening agents
  • It can power space measuring 500 sq. ft.
  • Feature demineralized cartridge that removes impurities from water
  • Protects your kids for 24 hours of mist while running without noise

In few words, perfect choice for kids and may be seen as the best ultrasonic unit for kids available in the market from crane Company.

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General Conclusion

I hope this review isn’t biased. And I believe all the crane ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are of relative importance according to what makes best humidifier. Then I advise you to take a wise and no regretful decision in order to rip the benefits of using a humidifier.

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