Boneco U650 Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier – July 2019

Relative humidity levels that is supposed to be within 30 – 50% is easily altered by winter. And the end result is low indoor humidity contributing to dry air problems like hardened sinus blockage, skin loosing moisture thereby getting wrinkled and its rest of unmentioned symptoms. Humidity experts said it is practically impossible to cope in winter without humidifying. This means it’s a must to humidify your home air if you want to stay as healthier as ever during winter. In the view of helping as you’ll be needing a humidifier to facilitate humidity increase – Boneco U650 air o swiss humidifier can cover up for both winter and summer humidity desire. If this doesn’t fall into your choice, our previous post on best humidifier from boneco brand is also available. But knowing for sure, this boneco u650 is not a disappointing machine.

Boneco U650 Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Boneco U650 review
  • Up to 650 coverage
  • 3.5 gallon tank
  • 24 hours runtime
  • 3 speed control
  • Low tank indicator
  • Automatic shut-down
  • Digital display
  • Programmable hygrostat
  • Demineralize cartridge
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Here the option comes for you to choose between mists outcomes such as the warm or cool output. Although warm mist is a perfect choice for winter month but if you stay in Canada where the temperature all-round the year seems lower, warm mists option will keep your room temperature normal. On the contrary, you can’t try cool mist if you stay in low temperate region of Canada, however those living in United States during summer will find cool mist option nice to bring temperature level down.

Bear it in mind, boneco is not designed for any room’s usage. If your house measurement is above 650 square feet, don’t attempt to purchase this product because that’s the maximum coverage it can power. In addition to what makes this product worth having for humidity supply is the large reservoir capacity which last the unit up to Twenty Four Hours of operation.

Apart from the above mentioned details, this machine featured dual jet nozzle that sprays moisture evenly in the room ensuring humidity is randomly circulated. It also comes with programmable hygrostat and digital display screen. More so, a timer for setting duration you want your device to work and shut down.

Conveniently, you can set desire output level using the three speed mist control – a sleep mode operation is also available. The unit is securely protected with auto shut off for empty tank level and reminding function signals user to refill tank. Boneco u650 package includes water treatment accessories such as hydro cell, Ezcal and demineralization cartridge.

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  • Dual mist choice
  • Great for all through the year use
  • Large reservoir
  • 650 sq. ft maximum coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use essential with this U650 Boneco? From the product page, no such information was provided, as such not possible.

How often should I clean the tank? For unit best performance, cleaning should be done weekly using vinegar and warm solution – at least once.

How often to change the cartridge? This should be done every 2 months – you can follow the manufacturer guide as stated on the manual.

Can I use tap water? Ordinary tap water is easily accessible and cheap but contains mineral deposit that can cause white dust – especially if yours is hard water. Distilled water is what we recommend.

Where can I place this humidifier? Owing to the design, it is floor mountable model but if you intend placing on table, ensure the table is strong enough to hold it.