BONECO U300 Top Fill Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier Reviewed

Beneco over 50 years in Business is enough for you to trust this Boneco U300 model from them. This brand is a Company located in Swiss and have been operating since 1956. One of their branches in North American has also been in existence since 2001 till date providing top quality product such as humidifiers and other appliances.  If you’re looking forward to releasing cool moisten air in to your home in the winter, this Boneco top fill is a choice to look out for or better still, its previous model. People with allergens such as dry skin, sinus dryness, chapped lips or the very allergenic and asthma sufferers will find boneco ultrasonic cool mist humidifier beneficial.

Boneco U300

BONECO U300 Top Fill Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier Review


  • 540 sq. ft room coverage
  • Long lasting filter up to 6 months
  • Quiet and consumes low energy
  • A250 Aqua Pro Two-in-One Filter and EZCal descaler
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The Top Fill design comes assembled, out of the box ready for use. Most relevantly, no formal knowledge required on its operation. Following the instructions detailed on the manual gives you direction on how to kick start the machine to work. Top of the notch, engineered with low noise production making it ideal for night use. Couple with the smaller built size, fit into any small space in the bedroom or table top. It can also be place on the floor. Find the rest of the specs below.


From 2.5 gallon per day output, you can spread mist in space measuring about 540 sq. feet. The size is perfect for large room’s humidification in which units of lower reservoir capacity can’t be used for.

Improved Night Sleep

Among humidification devices we’ve reviewed in our blog resources, Boneco U300 is one of the unit with lowest Decibel Noise of < 45(A). This level promotes peaceful night sleep. You can add this to your baby’s nursery bed and your child will thank you for making moisture available to him or her.

Safety & Reminder Features

Humidifiers safety is very important and that’s relevant feature to check when buying one.  This U300 provides peace of mind running a humidifier of its kinds. It comes with Automatic Shut Off that switches the device off once low water tank is detected keeping it safe and also saving energy. The empty tank indicator serves as a reminder for you to refill the reservoir   

Humidity Control

There is no boundary to the moisture control, it start from minimum to maximum level, as such you can customize yours by gradually adjusting the mist control knob.

Refilling and Cleaning

The convenient top filling tank design is wide enough that never allow for water spillage when topping it. The open top also accommodate your hand dipping your cleaning accessories inside to clean unit off allergen troubles.

Aroma Tray

Scented air can be achieved, thanks to the fragrance tray that allows you add favorite’s essential oil scenting up your room air. As for me, I make use of this feature a lot.

Water Treatment

AQUA Pro 2-in-1 A250 model available in the Boneco 300 reduces hardness of water. It also function as a purifying agent, filtering harmful compounds such as lead, mercury, copper and odors from water before processing into cool moisture air. This Aqua filter last up to 6 months and the longer lasting helps cut down maintenance cost.

In addition to the water treating procedure, EZCal cleaner and EZCal Pro Clean. Both are useful in cleaning build up mineral deposits inside the tank and should be use once in 2 weeks in respect to water hardness level.

  • Ideal for large rooms
  • Whisper sound operation
  • Small and fit into tight spaces
  • Filter needs to be changed every 6

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