Boneco U200 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Reviewed

Boneco U200 is one of the top mentioned cool mist humidifier among users. In this guide, we’re going to be looking at the In and Out of the U200 to know if truly it lives up to what is been designed for or not. Previous post, was on the S450 steam model recommend for people who may need steam mist in the cold month unlike this ultrasonic that delivered only cool moisture.

As the name sound, Boneco is the company who scientifically went into research for this U200 model to be available today. This brand has been in the industry for years making cooling appliances that has helped many improve home air thereby living in comfortable indoor space. We reviewing this product from them is because of the features will saw and its efficiency rating.

Boneco U200

Boneco U200

Product Highlights

  • Award winning Red Dot Design
  • Compatible with essential oil use
  • Soft relaxing ambience Lighting
  • Demineralisation cartridge and ionic Silver
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This system works combining a fan movement and high technology frequency in converting water molecule into fine mist. The conversion process is enhanced by a demineralized cartridge that removes Limescale from the water to prevent white dust dispersion. Also found, an ionic silver stick that uses antibacterial power of silver ensuring maximum water quality.   

Mist Speed

The low Db noise device has variable humidification speed that can be adjusted to preferred output speed. Although, not remote control device but with easy button press, you can access the mist control speed.


This device distribute cool mist for rooms up to 430 square feet which is about large room size. The tank capacity of 1.8 gallon powers the unit running for 24 hours in one refill.


Unlike most competitive units, Boneco U200 support the use of essential oil so that you can aromatized your air as you humidified. This added scent keeps the air more breathable and friendly to visitors.

Whisper Quietly

If you are looking for a device that won’t disturb your sleep for the night or baby as it operates, this boneco ultrasonic is confirmed for low noise emission, so sleeping at night with a humidifier working won’t be an issue with this system.

LED Light Display

One of the anesthetic that gives you visibility in dark is a LED lightening. This relaxing ambiance light is optional, it can be turn on and off if you so wish.

Water Treatment Accessories   

The package comes with demineralized cartridge which fight against mineral deposition in the air. In addition, installed with hydro cell that uses activated-carbon technology for continuous freshness inside the unit. This water guard system keeps device operation at the highest level btw recommending cleaning but however needs to be change at least once in 2 months.

More to the water treatment solution, is Ezcal cleaner and Descaler. Both features help in cleaning and removing mineral build up and very safe to use with any Boneco products. However one box of it is included in the purchase but a pack is to be used per cleaning.

  • Runs silently
  • Provides cool mist
  • Water treatment accessories
  • Demineralized cartridge needs to
    change every 2 months
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