BONECO S450 Steam Review

It isn’t a good thing for your body to keep dehydration, different health problems may arise, some of which are irritated nasal passage, dry skin and itchy eyes. Germs, allergens, pollen, dander and microorganisms move freely causing even more severe health conditions. One way to combat this situation is with the use of a humidifier. Humidifiers are electrical appliance that adds moisture to the atmosphere. They have been designed to produce fine mist or steams that are then circulated around the atmosphere to increase humidity level. One of such unit is the BONECO S450 Steam, specially designed and structured to humidify a home, and we shall be discussing below some of its key features, functions and weak points.

The BONECO S450 Description

The S200 Steam Humidifier is engineered to deliver hygienic comfort mist for your family. This is because the water vapor is boiled before it is dispersed, thus killing bacteria and minerals present in the water. However, the built-in fan cools the steam so that the humidifier emits a pleasant hand warm steam. In addition, the S200 has a fragrance tray for use with essential oils to add a pleasant aroma to your room.


  • It can be operated by turning the surface knob to one of two output levels.
  • Cleaning is very simple: Just fill the base with water and add the decalcifying agent (EZCal recommended), then start the cleaning mode; once complete, rinse and wipe the base and you’re all done.
  • Settings: It has ‘Low’ for quieter performance and ‘HIGH’ for maximum performance, ‘Off’ to switch off the unit and ‘Clean’ for sanitation.
  • Unit comes with 2 Anti-Mineral Pads and a packet of EZCal Cleaning Solution on first buy.
  • BONECO is assembled with high quality components that provides years of trouble-free operation.
BONECO S450 Steam Review

Water treatment accessories include:

  • EZCal Cleaner and Descaler (A7417) (advisable to be used every two weeks depending on the water hardness)
  • Demineralization cartridge (A7531) (the pad also has to be exchanged every 2–4 weeks, putting into consideration the water hardness.)

Strong points

  • Units modern and is more compact than most humidifiers.
  • The unique cooling features ensures that your pets and active toddlers are not hurt when they play next to the unit
  • Its cleaning mode makes cleaning easy and efficient unlike other humidifiers in the market
  • The addition of essential oil gives it a healthier and comforting edge. Essentials oils are known to be therapeutic and relaxing, which all adds to make your home pleasurable.
  • This humidifier does not detail specific water to be used since it has its own cleaning mechanism. Making it less stressful for you.

Weak points

  • Its blue light is very bright and can’t be dimmed expect be taping or covering with cloth.
  • Purchasing pads and cleaner very frequent may not prove economical.
  • They were complaints about the unit stopping and then starting again, causing for breaks in air humidification.
In Conclusion,

This is a humidifier unit that has all that would make you and your family comfortable and healthy. It is simple to operate; it has a self-cleaning mechanism; can receive essential oils for nice fragrance and has safety precautions against home hazards. It is simply a quality buy.

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