BONECO S250 Digital Steam Humidifier w/Cleaning Mode Reviewed

If you are looking for beneco steam humidifier, welcome to this Boneco S250 review. Several boneco humidifiers we have tested, among is the U200 model which also deliver abundant of cool mist humidity. However, this product in view releases soothing steam mist that’s free of bacteria and germs. This kind of mist is practically good for people experiencing cold or flu symptoms, sinusitis and other form of allergies that occurs due to low indoor moisture level. The S250 Boneco will make a good purchase this winter if you ever care to live in a warmer environment during cold months. Read the full description below so that you can be updated on the device.

Boneco S250

BONECO S250 Digital Steam Humidifier S250 w/Cleaning Mode Reviewed


  • Steam mist
  • 3.0 liter reservoir
  • 450 sq. ft. coverage
  • Nosie level 42 dBA
  • Cleaning mode reminder
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Though, it’s an ultrasonic system but works differently from competitive unit. This is because steam mist being produced needs to be processed via heating. In order words, Boneco S250 has a heating element that boils water reaching boiling point, converting into vapors and further cools the mist to a fillable state using its fan before releasing the output as steam. However the output produced is devoid of virus and therefore, safe to inhale. Most relevantly, no filter cost of maintenance as it runs without filters making it one of the low cost boneco model to maintain. Different testimonials accounts for its sturdy and durable construction as well.  

Coverage Area

All humidifiers comes with specific coverage limit in which the manufacturer has designed it for. Boneco may not be a whole house device, nevertheless, it has the power to distribute steam for small medium rooms of size 450 square feet.   

The 3.0 liter tank may not be too large but is enough to serve you humidification for the next 24 hours. There is also a lighting system for night hour operation, this light can be dimmed to the level you desire.

Size and Dimension

Although it’s a small foot print unit but just to clarify your doubt about the size and weight, therefore measure approximately 12.4 x 6.8 x 11 inches in dimension and weighs 6.2 pounds. The overall unit size makes it portable to carry for use in any room. Whether on the floor or table stands, no worries, the Swiss design quality machine fit right into tight spaces.

Sound Level

Built to operate with noise level of 42dBA. At this decibel operating sound, nothing to worry about, you can sleep while working.

Self-Clean Mode

This technology displays on the digital screen informing when the unit due for cleaning and such worry free. You know when or not to clean the machine, no more guess work!

Fragrance Tray

This tray grants you access to add essential oil to diffuse into the air during humidifying process blending into the moisture as fragrance.

  • Bacteria free humidification
  • Self-cleaning mode tells you when to clean the humidifier
  • Not ideal for large rooms

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