BONECO S200 Steam Humidifier with Cleaning Mode Reviewed

If you are planning to add moisture to your home air that’s a good thought. But what mist type do you want to spread in your air? There are basically two mist types such as cool and warm (steam) mist. Getting the right unit that offers the mist form you desire is a way to planning humidification. For lovers of warmth, we’ve one good product to share with you which is Boneco S200. This is one of the crafted machine, Boneco designed to deliver steam vapors. If last winter you were beaten up by cold air, don’t let that happen this upcoming season, you can crack up your air full of steams everywhere raising indoor temperature to a bearable condition.

Boneco S200

BONECO Steam Humidifier S200 with Cleaning Mode Reviewed


  • 450 sq feet.
  • 3 liter tank size
  • 2 speed control
  • Automatic shut off
  • Empty tank indicator
  • Essential oil container
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According to some amazon users, this humidifier works better compared to competitive models used over the years.  Those I used before know, difficult to clean but the self-cleaning mode system engineered into boneco s200 has made life easier.  The amazing sides of its all, runs with sound barely noticeable.

The above reviews were just the few scope we could covered on this page, you can find more on the product page hereafter as you read further.

Room Size

Small medium sized rooms measuring approximately 450 square feet is the best places to use boneco. The supply efficiency rate had been limited to such feet, as such using it for bigger rooms may lead to ineffective humidification.

Overall Unit Size/ Weight  

The size is well planned by the manufacturer that it fit tightly desk space or floors, thanks to a dimension of 12.4 x 6.8 x 11 inches. The lightweight construction is another remarkable aspect while I like the s200 boneco. Built with total weight of 5.5 pounds which weigh less compared to the s250 model of 6.5 pounds.

Speed Level

There are only two options to choose from when you purchase this device. This includes low and high speed. Low is ideal for calmer performance while high means maximum performance. This setting can be done by turning the knob to the speed option you want.

Tank Capacity

This unit can operates for twenty four hours from one refilling, thanks to the 3 liter water intake capacity.

Safety and Alert

Boneco s200 deliver user peace of mind in the sense that, it turns of when no water to disperse. In addition, empty tank indictor tells you to refill reservoir.

Self-Cleaning Technology

Save yourself the stress to clean a humidifier every time, Boneco award winning featured a cleaning technology that cleanse the device itself.  

Oil Container

The ability to humidify and also add scents to the air leaves your home with aromatized feeling. However the essential oil compartment allows you to do this.

Other Accessories

The package include anti-mineral pads. This helps lessen calcification of the unit base and also reduces rate of cleaning. However, the pad is expected to be change every two weeks depending on water hardness degree.  Also found, one pack of EZCal cleaning solution.

  • Self-cleaning device
  • Diffuse essential oil as you add
  • Low and high speed level
  • For small rooms humidification

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