4 Best Boneco Humidifier Reviews – 2020 Edition

Adding moisture to home air helps combat numerous allergens resulting from low humidity battling. Sinusitis, dry skin, and nosebleed ranked high in homes were moisture is lacking. With the introduction of humidifiers, had made life easier and people have been advised to raise indoor moisture using this device but knowing which brand to purchase turns a major problem to most people. Many brands to choose from making decision difficult for most buyers especially to those who aren’t familiar with brands, end up with plenty of disappointing units.  I so much care, don’t want you to make similar mistake I made few years purchasing my first room humidifier. Many others has also fell a victim just like me but learn from others experience rather than being a victim. I’ve reviewed different units, you can check my blog archives but today we’re going to be looking at some boneco humidifier models.

After testing this S450 product from the brand, I discovered mark of quality.  I did in depth research about the company that was when I knew they have been in the industry since 1956 and that’s more than 50+ years. Not only do they produce humidifiers, they have sold thousands of air purifiers and air washers. However their solid background in the business has won the millions of people to liking their handy work just like the case of humidifying devices. That also made me a fan of them and I have compiled my favorite’s models of boneco humidity device on this review for anyone to check and decide upon.

4 Best Boneco Humidifier We Recommended

If you need a vapors steam, boneco S450 delivers optimal steam required in large bedrooms. The steam it provides covers up to 850 square feet and its large tank capacity of 3.5 gallons per fill powers the unit for more than 24 hours’ time reducing frequent refilling. This product is fully automated in operation such as digital display with surface button touch controls, including LED light that can be auto dimmed for comfortable sleep.

The auto mode also extends to clear mist technology that allows output to exit as warm mist rather hotter making Boneco S450 most sort for by parent with babies that needs steam device. Interestingly, scent up your air by adding essential oil to the appropriate container spreading fragrance as you humidify. In addition, hassle free cleaning, thanks to automatic self-cleaning, just switch on the features and leaving to do the cleaning for you while decalcifying the tank, finally rinse out with fresh water and you done.

  • Steam safe for children and pet
  • Bacterial free steam vapors
  • Both table and floor mount operation
  • Rattling may occurs during water

This U200 is one of the ward winning design boneco has ever produced regarding humidifying device. This makes the unit adorable for rooms reaching 450 sq. feet due to the small design. Even though, it is small but boast of large tank taking up to 1 gallon of water. With this reservoir output level, your 24 hours of mist supply is guaranteed. The demineralized cartridge and Silver Stick Ion found in this device ensures mineral free and fresher mist. Though the unit may be quite expensive but you are not left out of essential oil addition, thanks to the fragrance tray. Cleaning accessories included in this offer, cleans unit to high standard and safe from black mold issues.

  • Runs silently
  • Cleaning agent included
  • Use on the floor or table
  • Aromatize your air with essential oil
  • Pricey
  • Medium rooms   
  • Manual mode of cleaning

BONECO/Air-O-Swiss Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7147

BONECO/Air-O-Swiss Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7147
  • Digital display
  • Programmable hygrostat
  • 600 sq. ft. coverage
  • Dual mist (cool/warm)
  • 3 gallon reservoir tank
  • 24 hours run time
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In this reviews, boneco 7147 is a powerful and superior moisture supplying device designed to create dual mist output. In order words, you’ve access to either cool or warm mist, all from a single unit which the first products lacks. However, you can choose the cooled option when you notice home atmosphere is a bit hotter while warm mist for colder periods.

Operating the device is digitally back up such as programmable hygrostat for check and balance of moisture in the air. When level is low, unit goes to work while for optimal point, turns off providing the ideal indoor state and cutting down energy cost. If your room is as large as 600 square feet, don’t worry Boneco warm/cool mist works effectively in such construction. The 3 gal tank size holds reasonable amount of water for 24 hours servicing of moisture. This 7147 also operate quietly qualifying it to be in the class of the 2 products reviewed before now.

  • Suitable noise level
  • Not expensive
  • Dual mist provision
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Bulky size
  • Lacks essential oil container

This may be expensive due to its quality parts and features that offers premium performance. However, in this boneco humidifiers reviews, the U700 model is the unit with highest coverage humidifying space of 1,000 feet square. Top of the leading features is the tank holding up to 4 gallons compared to the rest with lesser capacity and as such, boneco U700 is able to produce mist for 24 hours.

Surprisingly, also disperse two mist, warm and cool output just like the 7147 model. So you can switch between either options depending on home weather variation. This boneco machine featured automatic mist technology and self-clean innovation eliminates manual method, the machine does the cleaning itself. Even though, the price tag is high but looking at the robust features including smart auto shut off, optional on/off LED lighting and fragrance tray, choosing the U700 worth the investment.

  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for large rooms
  • Machines cleans the tank for you
  • Tank installed with handle for easy
  • Expensive

What Types of Mist Boneco Humidifiers Release?   

As we have seen above, there various mist option, boneco brand had innovated meeting one need or the other. In this section, we’re going to quickly run through the break down for clearer understanding:

Steam Models

Boneco has products that distributes steam, this type boils water turning to vapors while engaging its cooling technology to lower the temperature and the final output returns as vaporization. The S450 is one of the product we recommend because it delivers steam that’s friendly to baby’s unlike competitive brands that sometimes deliver hotter mist.      

Cool mist

This technology don’t have heating unit in them as such provides cool moisture. This are seen to be friendlier to children environment due to the burn free mist it releases. If you decide to go with this model, ensure to use distilled water for the device to avoid issue of bacteria breeding in tank. And also regular maintenance is required because leaving may give rooms to mold growth. From our discussion, we find this to be cost effective.

Warm mist

These works similar to steam units but deliver more friendly temperature mist. They’ve heating elements and powered by electricity. You may inquire more cost running warm mist devices than cool mist system but the mist it provides is safe as all germs are killed during boiling. If you want a machine for warm-mist, then check out this Boneco 7135 as appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boneco
Can I Sleep With These Humidifiers?

Yes, all the reviewed products are tested and used. In the manual you’ll also find out the decibel noise level associated with each device.

When Do I Clean My Machine?

From the featured lists, most of the units feature self-cleaning mode and this tells you when to clean. When message is prompted, indicates time and by pressing a button the machine starts to clean the device. For those model that lacks the unit, read the manual guides or else clean once in a week.

What’s The Right Humidity Gauge to
Set My Humidifier?

According to environmental Protection Agency, 30 to 50 percent is the optimal level for a comfortable room humidity. If your unit lacks humidistat which function is to check the level, you can install a hygrometer in your room. This device is
affordable and easy to use at home.

Do I Need To Use the Demineralized Cartridge While Using Distilled Water?

No, you may not need to use it if you are using distilled water unless ordinary tap water. The cartridge overall work includes capturing of white dust from being released into the air which is great for tap water.

When Do I Change the Accessories That Comes With Device?

Boneco humidifiers usually comes with accessories depending on the model you have. Schedule maintenance however leads to efficiency of the unit and lifespan. The following boneco accessories requires this interval of cleaning.

Demineralized cartridge

Since this is responsible for white dust prevention, it should be clean at least once in two weeks. In addition, should be change after 2 months.

Aqua Pro Two-In-One Filter (A250 Model)

This removes water impurities preventing spread of minerals deposits into your air. Its function is very sensitive, replacing the filter every 6 months is the best practice.

Silver Ion Stick

Bacteria are render by the immersion of the Ion stick as a result of the antimicrobial nature of Silver. Boneco recommend yearly replacement.

Hydro Cell

This is a filter featuring activated carbon. Its role is to keep water pure and fresh. Replacing the Hydro Cell depends on water hardness level, however, general rules replace it once or twice monthly.

In conclusion,

Loyal customers to Boneco knows the quality of product the brand offers to them. Haven’t been in the industry for more than 5 decades providing different appliances, they’ve been able to maintain the core for standards knowing for sure, your monetary value is not cheated.

So in view of the humidifiers analyzed and reviewed by us which all is from boneco, you can judge yourself each product for the best. For us, the S450 is a suggestion for steam solution while BONECO U700 nice for both cool/warm mist desire.

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