Boneco 7144 (Warm and Cool Mist) – Winter or Summer Choice

The presence of high humidity, molds, mildew and other allergens thrive while in low humidity is the ground for numerous conditions. For instance sleeping at night in a reduced humidity room give rise to short interval sleep. Dry air and breathing problem due to a drop in levels of humidity won’t allow you quality sleep. To add, coughing and sneezing are well pronounced as the sinus airways are too dry leading to irritating organs. In addition, sinus membrane is supposed to be moist all the time for it to protect you from germs but when it is dry -bacteria enter easily to attack the immune system. When this happens, you’re at risk of vulnerable health challenges. So the way forward is to always keep room or home moisture level regulated via humidification. One of the appliance we suggest is Boneco 7144 where as other products still open in our review catalogue.   

Boneco 7144 (Warm and Cool Mist)

Boneco 7144 Warm/Cool Mist Review
  • 650 square feet
  • 3.5 gallon daily
  • Auto shut off
  • Low tank indicator
  • Digital readout display
  • Hygrostat for humidity control
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This appliance is very affordable and cost effective to maintain compared to most models. Although designed for single rooms use but powerfully add humidity to big sized bedroom. Looking at the coverage, it comes with the 650 sq. feet covering range – that’s equivalent to large room size.  

The floor or ground placement designed featured 3.5 water gallon output that makes Boneco 7144 runs daily providing mist. Even though the price is not much but doesn’t mean this is a worthless unit. The dual mist supply is a notable feature found in highly priced humidifiers yet 7144 boneco offer this to you. However winter cold won’t be a concern to you anymore, the warm mists released guarantees room temperature. Likewise, in hot summer climate, suitable to switch to cool moisture settings.

Most relevant to achieve ideal humidity levels, digital display read outs room humidity for you to program the hygrostat to a comforting level you want. More so, choose from 3 control fan speeds which let you determine output rate to your air. The whisper quiet working sound not only good for adult sleeps but nice for baby’s rooms.

Rightly engineered with safety features like low tank shutting down and also water refill reminder. There is also a timer option and 2 directional mist nozzle that distributes mist independently. Bonus accessories includes Ezcal for cleaning, demineralized cartridge and hydro cell.

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  • Either warm or cool mist
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Durable construction
  • Reverse osmosis water can be used for it
  • Tough replacing tank


Finally, many users of boneco were happy with its performance. All of these comments are available on amazon which you can check for more details. Nevertheless, our in-depth research and analysis revealed this humidifying device a nice investment for either summer or winter use.