Best Whole House Humidifier (Reviews & Guide) July 2019 Updated

As winter draw near, a whole house humidifier is the best deal to keep an entire house humidity in gauge. The working of this device drives out dry air by humidifying it. This however helps keep the skin moisturize unlike in a reduced humidity levels homes where people often face problems of dry skin issues, dry sinus or nostril, difficult breathing etc.

Reviews of Top Best Whole House Humidifier – Updated Revision 2018

The best whole house humidifier has also proved to work best in large spaces compared to single room’s humidifiers having low coverage capacity. In order to save money buying smaller unit for different room humidification, investing in a whole house humidity humidifier is the best deals.

Although, they are bigger in size compared to single room models, but with castors wheels found in the console types allows for easy transporting from place to another. If you’re battling with limited space in your house, we recommend furnace house humidifier considerate.

5 Best Whole House Humidifier Reviews

1. Ideal-Air Humidifier | 200 Pint | Portable, Industrial Grade Motor

Ideal-Air Humidifier

Never like before, innovation is what makes the life become more complex and also ensuring man desire is been satisfied to an extent. This is what the Ideal brand has inputted into this industrial unit from them for homes to use as a humidity device.  When most humidifier units are wall mountable, floor standalone unit, or tabletop/desk mount, Ideal Air brand has taken edge to design a product that can be installed directly on house ceiling looking more of a ceiling fan. This is just a perfect unit for homes lacking space to solve this need by getting the 200 pint unit running in your house.

The unit features a multi-directional forging head that lets moisture to be release all through the air of the house.  Also, the air humidifier work efficiently in spaces measure from 1,000 to 1,700 square feet which is equivalent to a whole house desired. In addition, only little maintaining care require and also no refilling as it draws water from your house supply system.

More so, the unit is UL listed, meaning it is safe for use. However, when you purchase this unit, installation is required. Therefore, an expert will have to connect it as DIY is not advisable.

2. AIRCARE MA0800 Digital Whole-House

AIRCARE MA0800 Digital Whole-House

The MA0800 is a simple device with straight forward operation. No stress, all what you need is to master the usage operation through the manual while you start enjoying a whole house humidity. However, the unit comes in console style, meaning a whole house humidifier existing in portable form and this gives you the ability to move it from one place to another. For accurate and balanced of home humidity, it is equipped with an automatic humidity control.  Also, the unit turns off when desired humidity is reached or the water level is low, thanks to its sensitive automatic shut-off feature.

In addition, with three speed settings, you can customize humidity level and also noise level as well. Refill and check filter indicator is available on the 2,600 square feet coverage space unit.

Furthermore, with 2.5 gallon which is lesser than the newest version, you will enjoy up to 36 hours of run time. Finally, the unit feature digital display to view settings and unit performance. To add, it is ETL approved.

3. AIRCARE HD1409 Digital For Homes

AIRCARE HD1409 Digital For Homes

This Aircare HD1409 model is another good unit in my best whole house humidifier list and review that will not disappoint you for humidity need. The unit is floor mountable and as a console form of humidifier, offers mobility option with its free movement caster wheels.

The evaporative unit is the rightful answers to add humidity to homes up to 4,000 square feet while eliminating dry air that causes discomfort and other health problems.

More so, the digital unit features a customizable humidity setting from a 3 speed fan. It also comes with auto-shut off that turn the unit off when the level of humidity desired by your space is reach and also when there is no water to disperse again.   Also, available in this my third spot unit in my best humidifier for whole house includes:

  • 5 gallon tank for up to 55 hours
  • Check filter and refill indicator
  • digital display or read out
  • Dual bottle design
  • Low cost of maintaining
  • Ideal for larger/bigger homes
  • Imported part but built in USA
  • ETL approved

4. Honeywell HE120A Whole House Humidifier

Honeywell HE120A Whole House Humidifier

If you’re looking for a drum humidifier that can serve a whole house need, then never look further than this Honeywell HE120A. It is the only drum unit here and it is ideal for use in small to middle sized rooms. The unit comes basic which means no much complex task required than installation. However, it comes with installation kit and manual that enables you (If you know a little bit of tech) or a professional to connect it without much hassle.

For comfortable humidity, it is equipped with a humidistat which you can use to control moisture level. Hence, if this unit interests you, endeavor to check other consumers’ reviews

on amazon site here


5. Honeywell HE360A Whole House Powered Humidifier

Honeywell HE360A Whole House Powered Humidifier

Hitting the number 5th spot in these best whole house unit humidifiers come the HE360A model, also from the Honeywell Company. This is a flow through humidifier for those looking for one can consider this as the right choice for their homes.

What you should know, flow-through unit keeps the unit clean and reduces level of unit maintenance as there is no room for standing water that encourages bacteria, molds, spores and more. This is what you will enjoy from the Honeywell HE360A device.

However, the variable speed and multi-stage unit is great for home up-to 4,200 square feet but require installation before use. After that, only little check and care require. Take note, all what is needed in the installing this device does not come with the purchase but sold separately.

Why is whole house humidifier important?

Bear it in mind, categories of humidifiers are divided into portable and whole house unit. In order word the coverage capacity is a major criteria that put them apart and as such, what will work for a complete house won’t be nice for a single room because it will be too powerful.

In a nutshell, a whole house humidity supplier ensure full house moisture balancing. This type is further classified into two major groups such as the console whole house and the furnace whole house machine.

While the console units seems portable because of the wheels in them that let you move them around, the furnace model needs to be installed and at the same time connected to your home heating system.

Comparing both, console units required manual refilling while the furnace don’t because they’re connected to the home water supply system. While the HAVC ones i.e. furnace model may needs a professional installation in most cases requiring extra cost but it pay more in the long run compared to the console – this is because only a schedule maintenance is required. But the portable console you need to clean tanks often and also replaced filters regularly.

Nevertheless, whichever one you opt for, you’ll still get the power to humidify a whole home unlike single rooms that lacks the capacity.

What Is The Best Whole House Humidifier Purchasing Criteria?

Just like every other appliances, there’re certain standard to consider in choosing a whole house humidifier. This we’ve further outline below in few words for easy understanding.

Auto operation

Basically many of the available humidity appliance are designed for automatic operation. This saves you stress of checking on unit every time. Unfortunately not all units can do this especially the ones lacking automatic humidistat – this means you’ve do a thorough check for you not to be short change.

Coverage Capacity

Even though we’ve been saying this device is for an entire house coverage but doesn’t mean, all of them can be used in different house size. For instance, if you’re living in a house of 4,000 square, purchasing a whole house moisture increase of 2,500 square feet is a waste of resource because it won’t work efficiently due to low coverage capacity. In this view, you’ve to calculate or determine the size of your home in square footage for you to pick a unit that’s in line with your measurement.


This is very important for console whole house device because furnace are permanently mounted in one place. You have to see that the model aiming at have castors. Without this feature, it may be difficult to move the device within your space. Also check out for handles as well for convenience.

Low water shut off

Since it’s not possible to be on the lookout for low tank operation, automatic shutting down is one of the latest features modern whole house system has. This turns the unit off in low water situation keeping unit safe. This also saves you energy because without this feature, it means the device will run nonstop even without water thereby consuming more energy. That’s why it’s a most criteria to single out.

Low Tank Indicator

As part of reminder as busy the day maybe, low water alarm serves as a reminder tool to refill tanks.

Automatic Timer

This enables you to determine the hours you want your device to work before shutting down. Not every machines comes with this feature and also, timer settings varies. There are some units with 12 hours timer, some 24 hours and more. The higher the value, the more hour’s customization you can access.


Opting for the furnace type of whole house humidifier, you only need a yearly maintenance depending on usage. While the console humidifiers is where you need to concentrate on weekly cleaning and filters replacement at least once in 3 months. The best way to ensure you are staying up to date with device maintaining is to follow the manufacturer guides on when to clean it.

Cost of purchasing

Typically furnace units such as the steam models are more expensive compared to the console models but the upfront running cost of console humidifiers is another reason why you may want to invest on furnace mountable humidifiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often to change my humidifier filters?

A period of 3 months is ripe enough for filter replacement. Because refusal to replace, it means you are inviting molds and bacteria into your device which may leads to contaminated.  

How evaporative humidifiers does works?

All humidifiers are designed to supply moisture but certain feature makes their operation different. For an evaporative humidifier, it uses a wick filter and fan to create fine mist air. The fan blows air though the wick filter where impurities are also trapped and the final output is emitted into the air. However, regular filter washing or replacing is inevitable.

How often should a humidifier water be changed?

Ideally, it should be change every day after every use for you to get fresh and bacteria free moisture.

Can you use ordinary tap water for humidifiers?

For the best practice distilled water is what is recommend because ordinary tap water contains minerals. This may results to white dust but for the cost of purchasing treated water, tap water which is easily accessible may be alternative but it means you have to change water often and clean units every 3 days.  

What is the ideal home humidity levels?

Adding moisture is good but excessive amount is going to trigger molds, mildew and other allergens problems. Also a low level is going to cause dry skin, lips, static shock and others. The right level is 30 – to 50% relative humidity. You can always check the humidity levels in your house using hygrometer or humidity monitor so as to keep the right track.

In conclusion,

Many at times, people look for humidifiers but unable to differentiate between a whole house humidifier and a single room humidifier. The reason is because there are some whole house units that exist in portable form. However, my best whole house humidifier discussion has taking care of this by helping to list out most popular among users to help you get one.