Best Warm Mist Humidifier Reviews – Consumer Reports

Moisturizing dry home air using air humidifier helps fight plenty of dreaded allergens. If you are experiencing dry skin, hardened sinus mucus, itchy skin or dry throat, the best warm mist humidifier is the best categories of humidifiers to purchase. The warm mist release from the device is bacteria and germ free making it safe to inhale. The mist released not only beneficial to your health but also protect your home property from losing their integrity. The room temperature mist, warm mist humidifiers delivers also improves the quality of sleep in cold winter where everything seems colder including your mattress.

Raising the temperature level is a solution from cold. However, due to the high demands of this kind of humidifiers, tons of them has been introduced to the market by different manufacturer. You may be lucky to find a quality unit but time needs to be taken reading and cross checking user’s ratings and reviews. The few we were able to sort out from our scope are highlighted below with reviews and what you need to consider in selecting the best products.

Top 5 Best Warm Mist Humidifier(s) Reviews

Once again, we need to quickly run through the comparison table before heading to our warm mist humidifiers reviews. You may be fortunate to find yours in this table but sometimes it may be clearer to decide after reading the product descriptions.

Nevertheless, whatever your decision, make sure you know what you want not minding your budget.

LEVOIT Warm/Cool Mist Ultrasonic

LEVOIT Warm/Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier for Bedroom and Babies

  • 700 coverage
  • 1.5 gallon
  • Dual mist
  • 36 hr run time

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Vicks V745 1-Gallon Warm Mist

Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier

  • 500 sq. feet
  • 1 gallon tank
  • Only warm mist
  • 24 hours runs time

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Elechomes UC5501 warm mist Vaporizer

Elechomes UC5501 Vaporizer Warm and Cool Mist for Large Room Baby Bedroom

  • 750 coverage
  • 6 liter tank
  • Dual mist
  • 40 hr run time
  • Sleep Mode

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TTLIFE Ultrasonic Large Room

TTLIFE Ultrasonic Large Room Ionic Warm /Cool Mist Humidifiers Customized Humidity

  • Remote control
  • 5.5 liter tank capacity
  • Coverage up to 650 sq. ft
  • Either warm or cool mist

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Proscenic 807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Proscenic 807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier With App and Alexa Control

  • Up to 700 sq. feet.
  • 5.5L reservoir capacity
  • Mobile phone control
  • Used with essential oil  
  • Seven speed mist control    

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1. LEVOIT Warm/Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier for Bedroom and Babies

Best Warm Mist Humidifier Reviews - Consumer Reports

If what you want is a large room humidifier for warm mist distribution, Levoit warm and cool mist device defines this need. We don’t know how large your room is, because Leviot is designed for spaces of 700 sq. feet. The large tank size guarantees 36 hour of warmer air in your room while eliminating frequent refill. The remote is one aspect that makes Levoit ultrasonic easy to use with just button touch. You don’t need to stand up from bed, you can operate it from a distance.

As for humidity controls, the display options let you view actual room humidity, on this basis you can program the level you want. Bear in mind too much moisture are breeding grounds for molds and others germs, so the humidity settings will do you good achieving accurate and comfortable level. This best warm mist humidifier featured 2 years warranty back up as such confidence is defined that you’re getting a quality product.

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  • Large tank
  • Remote control
  • 36 hours operation time
  • Essential oil tray
  • Two year warranty
  • Bulky built

2. Vicks V745 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier

Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier

This Vicks product is a popular warm mist humidity device among consumers. While the first product is ideal for bigger rooms, Vicks boast of small medium sized room’s compatibility. The coverage limit is 500 square feet and a 1 gallon per day capacity ensures you get warm mist up to 24 hours.

The medicine cup it comes with is an added advantage Vick has over competitive units. This cup is where to add your medical inhalant which help to remedy cold and cough symptoms. The unit offers two output moisture option to choose from and auto shut off system. It also comes with night light and runs with whisper sound. If you have suffered series of congestion or stuffy nose, Vicks Vaposteam relieves such symptoms.   

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  • Medicine inhalant cup
  • Transparent tank for water level view
  • Low to maintain
  • Lack auto humidity control
  • Lack low water level indicator

3. Elechomes UC5501 Vaporizer Warm and Cool Mist for Large Room Baby Bedroom

Elechomes UC5501 Vaporizer Warm and Cool Mist for Large Room Baby Bedroom

If you want to increase humidity in your baby room or in your bedroom, Elechomes can afford you warm temperature air. We’re confident about Elechomes being able to handle a 750 square feet full of warm mist. The state of the art humidifying system comes in elegant design which blends with modern settings while serving as humidity machine. It comes with 6 liter tank, large enough to supply the unit water within a time frame of 40 hours.

There are two mist nozzle, both can be programmed to rotate in 360 degree cycle for random warm mist output leading to proper room humidification. The sleep mode functioning is an outstanding function for night time. When on this mode, Elechomes UC5501 operates with noise as low as 38Db whereas most warm mist humidifiers found on the market run at 40 decibel rate.

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  • Nice design
  • LED display
  • Remote control
  • Support essential oil diffusion
  • May take much space compared to Vicks
  • On high speed, might not last up to 40 hours

4. TTLIFE Ultrasonic Large Room Ionic Warm /Cool Mist Humidifiers Customized Humidity

TTLIFE Ultrasonic Large Room Ionic Warm /Cool Mist Humidifiers Customized Humidity

This dual mist humidifier is one of the affordable warm mist units reviewed by us. Not only will you able to increase your home humidity level, you’ll also diffuse essential oil into the air, thanks to the built-in oil cup feature. This TTLIFE boast of quiet operation as such mothers searching for humidifier running with low noise will find the large room ultrasonic unit suitable.

As the unit disperse output, it also purifies the air, the built-in ionic generator performs this function – that’s added advantage to own this device as you won’t only inhale fresh air but a purified output. It comes with humidity levels control that enables you maintain the most comfortable level btw 40 – 50% RH. It also come with LED screen featuring humidity display and the 3-in-1 smart humidity model is a great way to stay off dry skin, and related ugly allergens.

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  • Three-in-one-smart control
  • Low Db noise of 38A
  • Great for larger rooms
  • Remote controlling
  • Compatible with aromatherapy
  • High speed not good for baby’s rooms

5 Proscenic 807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier With App and Alexa Control

Proscenic 807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier With App and Alexa Control

Owing to the 7 adjustable speeds settings and app control, we rate Proscenic as the best warm mist humidifier from us. Imaging the level of output customization to choose. That’s not enough, you can control your unit via your smart phone making easier to improve quality of life running a humidifier. In addition to the features, it comes with a reservoir that accommodate 5 .5 liters of water and runs for 36 hours of warm mist delivery. Moreover, it can supply humidity across rooms evenly while engaging the 360 degree nozzles.

Air purifiers are the device known for using HEPA filters but surprisingly, Proscenic is equipped with HEPA filter to filter out stale air. Memory function is another anesthetics while this unit is leading in this warm mist humidifier review. The memory function copied previous humidity settings whenever you turn it on but can be reset anytime. Most relevantly, Proscenic 807C is built with intelligent sensors – It can sense when it’s night time, therefore switches to night reset screen giving you a comfortable night sleep.

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  • Quiet
  • HEAP filters
  • Smartphone control via App
  • Automatic night screen reset
  • Filter comes wrapped with plastic bag
    which needs to be removed before usage.

Buyer Guide: Knowing Which Model to Choose

In this section we’re going to be comparing the warm and cool mist humidifiers together. Also frequent questions you may want to know concern these units. Exercise little patient as you get the rest of the details below.

What Are The Differences Between Warm Mist And Cool Mist Humidifiers?

Are you confuse of what mist model to purchase? This section is going to clear the differences that’s in-between them. Even though both increases indoor humidity, they have ups and down which you need to be aware of, for you not to invest wrongly. Here are the following things to know:

  • How both work?

The cool mist versions exist in two form such as the evaporative and ultrasonic model.

Evaporative humidifiers are equipped with wick filters and fans. It is these features, the device uses to releases humidity into the air – where by the fan blows water through the filter converting into cool mist.   On the other hand, Ultrasonic models lacks filter in their operation. This model works by vibrating technology breaking water molecule (HO2) down in2 finer droplets known as cool mist.

However, the warm mist counterpart working procedure involves heating water and cooling the mist inside its chamber to a soothing state and the end product is what is called warm mist. – The boiling process is the major difference to know how these humidifiers works.

  • Decibel Sound (Noise Level)

In this argument, warm mists humidifiers are quieter –they don’t have fans, only heat water to produce warm mists as such noise level is under low. The only sounds warm mist systems produces is the echo from water boiling process.

Moving further to cool mists humidifiers – they are known for creating the highest noise level due to the fan installed in them. If you want to sleep with a cool mist humidifiers at night, there is need to reduce the speed level to the lowest. Doing this, your sleep won’t be disturbed.

  • Bacteria and Mold Issues

Since warm mist humidifiers boils water, bacteria and molds are destroyed in the process leaving you with healthier air to breath. This is why they are majorly recommended for people with allergens like nose congestion and flu symptoms. Nevertheless, they still need to be cleaned for them to retain integrity from bacteria and germs attack.

Molds and bacterial are more prone to cool mist humidifiers especially the units that are left unclean. If you are using ordinary tap water for a cool mist humidifiers is risky because this kind of water contains germs – because of this, distilled water is always recommend for cool mist types of humidifiers. Moreover, frequent cleaning and replacing of filters is required which may add up to running cost.

However for the health aspect, cool mist models are less healthy – warm mists is the runner up for healthy home air.

  • Which is riskier?

We already knew cool mist don’t heat waters therefore is safer to use around children and pets. The case is different with warm mists counterpart – as they can sometimes produces hotter mists that can leads to burn in young ones. Not only that, they need to be well placed properly in homes where children play randomly running here and there – if they mistakenly run into the machine, that’s big issues. The hot mist will spill over causing burns as such may not be ideal for kids environment unless they are placed in safer areas far from their reach.

  • Energy Consumption

There is not debate when it comes to the amount of electricity used by both models. Cool mist consume lesser energy compared to warm-mists that have heating element, as such more economical to run.

  • Filters Replacing

The evaporative models uses filter which needs to be replaced following the maintenance schedule where as warm mist are filter free technology.  

  • Cost of Buying

The heating element in warm mists makes them to be more expensive to secure but cool mists are generally cheap on the humidifier market.

  • Judging Both

Considering all the above factors analyzed, we can see big differences exist among the two mist form under examination – especially how they work, cost of running, risks associated etc.   

If you are to choose by health wise factor – the best warm mist humidifiers such as the one from the Levoit brand reviewed earlier is worth the investment. But looking at running cost cool mist is more economical and if distilled water is used for them – you’ll get a safer air too but may double up expenses.

  • Warm Or Cool Mist Humidifier for Cough?

Allergies are the culprit behind cough symptoms. Also dry air may worsen the situation making a sufferer to cough on interval due to dry throat. This is why people with cough are advised not to stay in dry indoor air.

Adding moisture has relief a lots of people from coughing as it helps soothing the throat. But the question; warm or cool mist which is best for cough? If you have been reading this article from the beginning, you would have seen how cool and warm mist work – the kind of mist produced by each.

No doubt cool mist cools down rooms, yes they’re good at making you feel chilled and calm – but from the health perspective warm mists remains the best choice for cough than cool mist. What’s the reason? Germs and bacteria are kill in warm mist machine – meaning safer moisture for your cough and the same time warmer air soothes better.

If you are looking for a humidifier for coughing at night to help stops symptoms, we recommend you this product as unit to consider

  • Warm Or Cool Mist Humidifier for Congestion?

Your preference determine what you take home for congestion. All humidifiers aim is for moisture supplying. While one may better in certain environment and weather condition, others efficiency maybe questionable.

For people with congested nose, warm or cool mist is a choice – however on the basis of germ free air, some go after the warm mist so they can be well protected from symptoms because of the heating system that kills bacterial in water. Apart from congestion, warm mist are better for sinuses. Take a look at this product for this symptom.

  • Warm Mist Humidifiers for Babies
Warm Mist Humidifiers for Babies

Your baby is the joy of your marriage and doing all what is necessary is needful. Sometimes, babies suffer from cough and congestion problems due to dry indoor atmosphere and other allergens causing factors. When this problems occurs, parents start searching for what kind of humidifiers is best for the aforementioned baby health challenge. Warm mist humidifiers have been tested and good humidifiers that can ascertain your baby happiness.

Placing this kind of humidifier in your baby room helps moisturize the room and your baby. For the fact that warm mist humidifiers runs without fan makes them to be quieter. Therefore placing a unit in the room as the baby sleeps, won’t wake your child.

The health wise benefit is the top most reason to run a warm mist humidifiers in baby rooms. They don’t distributes germs or bacteria unlike cool mist – all these agents are killed during boiling of water. Meaning bacteria free air for your baby to inhale.

Whereas there are dangers linked with using hot mist humidifiers in babies’ room. The risk may be from a release of hotter mist or unit falling. If any of these two events happens, your child will be exposed to serious burns. What you can to prevent this occurrence is to place the device far from the bed sides and also on a balanced surface.

Final Verdict

Finding the best warm mist humidifier requires a lot of patient and through research – reason, tons of units are available setting confusion. Nevertheless, the secretes is for you to read each product reviews especially what users are saying pertaining to the unit in question – ensure you check out the pros and cons as we have highlighted in our best warm mist humidifiers reviews of each unit.

If you can simply take your time on the discussed practical steps, choosing a good warm mist humidifier whether for congestion or cough is possible. Thanks for your time. Have blissful day!