The Best Sunbeam Humidifier Reviews – Discussion In 2020

My take on sunbeam humidifier discussion is not because I love writing or I want to promote products neither I’m here to blow whistle about this brand but due to the fact consumers are in need of sunbeam humidifier makes me put this reviews list together for consumers.  Although, there plenty brand of humidifiers manufacturer but some people tends to prefer sunbeam brand which I can only fathom to be preference. However, Sunbeam Company is a well know company in humidifier making and they have good products that meet EPA standards and so is a trusty worthy brand.  For those who are new to shopping for humidifiers or you want to change your unit by getting another one then it will be good to settle for sunbeam products as a recommendation. And I so much believe you will come back thanking me in one way or the other.

But before, I show you the product list, I want you to understand that humidifiers are essential device every homes should have particular during the winter days. What you should know, in winter periods, humidity get reduced drastically as a result cold dry air. This causes water to leave almost everything in the environment including the human body and that’s why people skin get dry out. The problem also extends to dry eyes, lips, nasal congestion and also feeling of static electricity while carrying out laundry etc. all of those challenges cannot never be avoided during the mention period of dry cold air but if you have a humidifier running constantly you will able to manage these problems adequately.

Top 4 Sunbeam Humidifier Comparison Chart

Sunbeam SCM1746 Cool Mist Humidifier

Sunbeam Cool Mist

• Deliver Cool mist
• 3 speed settings
• For small sized rooms

Sunbeam Cool Mist SCM1100-WM

Sunbeam Cool SCM1100-WM

•Triple layer filter
•Ideal for living room, dining or bedroom
•Low maintenance cost

Sunbeam Warm Mist Filter Free Humidifier

Sunbeam Mist Filter free

•Delivers warm mist
•Has medicine tray
•Adjustable humidity settings

Sunbeam Cool Mist Humidifier

Sunbeam Humidifier White

•Deliver cool mist
•Triple layer filter
•Automatic humidity regulation


Top Best Sunbeam Humidifier Reviews

1. Sunbeam SCM1746 Cool Mist Humidifier

The Best Sunbeam Humidifier Discussion and Guide

When seeking to maintain desired level of indoor humidity comfort, it is wise getting a unit that provides the required features to achieving the goal. My number one spot product in the sunbeam reviews feature three speed settings that allow users to choose speed level to get optimal home comfort.

Another relevant feature to consider when looking for a humidifier to buy is the running time interval. An ideal unit should last you through the night which is the most time you speed at home. However, this sunbeam product is designed to last over night while releasing soothing cool mist needed by you or babies.

This model of humidifier from sunbeam has a translucent tank that lets users view water tank level with their eye. Also has handle for easy carrying to refill or transporting from one room to the other. But one caution, users said, when filled with water should be supported with hands not just holding it by the handle to avoid falling off. Furthermore, this product is okay for large to small room sized humidification.

Features at glance

  • Delivers cool mist only
  • 3 speed control settings
  • Uses filters in operation
  • Releases mist that last through the night
  • Handle to carry the unit
  • It comes with transparent tank
  • Can be placed on a table-top or ground level

The only thing, I see as the drawback which may not be considered as drawbacks by you is filter replacement cost. Consumers said some things concerning this product which you can check here.

2. Sunbeam Cool Mist SCM1100-WM

Sunbeam Cool Mist SCM1100-WM

Wherever you want to enjoy the mist in your house, you can get it right way with this SCM1100-WM. The design makes it fit for use in living room, dining, den, bedroom etc. So with this unit you don’t have to be skeptical about limited area usage as its appearance compliments any modern settings.

From hot summer climate to cold winter month you can put this humidifier into work to get rid of problems that accompany winter. One major benefit of this model, it feature a filter that has triple layers filtration level to enjoy air free of contamination. This product provides hassle free maintenance and alert indicators available to monitor the filter.


  • Ideal for dinning places, living room, den or bedroom
  • Has filter and equipped with filter check monitor
  • It is easy to transport for refilling.
  • Low maintenance required
  • Feature triple layer filter system.
  • The filter is also enhanced with arm and hammer baking soda
  • The tank is translucent one that lets you see water level

The only think to rethink, is the filter cost replacement but every other thing is okay. You can see this product here for price and user reviews

3. Sunbeam Warm Mist Filter Free Humidifier

Sunbeam Warm Mist Filter Free Humidifier

Here comes the only warm mist unit in this my sunbeam humidifier reviews discussion which I highly recommend for cold winter days. Warm mist units release room temperature mist that drives away cold air. Warm mist units also help relives nasal congestion. However, if you think of buying a humidifier that provides warm mist from the sunbeam, this one here is a good product.

In-fact to support the point, it comes with medicine tray for aromatherapy and at the same time helps to relieve cough and cold symptoms. This unit comes easy to use and low maintaining cost to be inquired when you start using it.


  • Medicine tray for adding scent and medicated vapors to your air
  • Handles available to carry it
  • Dishwasher safe tray
  • Adjustable humidity speed setting
  • Anyone can use it, simple to operate

Major drawback, it does not have auto shut-off function and also the tank size is not too big but can carry power your home over the night.

Discount is available for this product if you want to save money for the winter.

4. Sunbeam Cool Mist Humidifier

Sunbeam Cool Mist Humidifier

You can say good bye to dry air in your home today using my last but not the least product in this sunbeam humidifier discussion. However your home comfort and healthy indoor living environment depends on the choice your decision. Whether you like it or not, winter season can’t be escaped and if you decide not to take it serious then you might fall into problems that result from winter air. So to keep you protected, you will need a powerful humidity dispersing unit to help you release humidity into the air. Yes, off course you can rely on this product to giving you the result expected.

This sunbeam unit also comes with a triple layer filter just like the third product reviewed above. The three stage layers function differently while complimenting each other to ensure you have clean breathable air. The filter is also supported with arm and baking soda that destroy antimicrobial agents. In addition to the features, equipped with dual tank for prolong running time. Also, the tank is an ergonomic one which allow for easy refill. See detail specification downward

Features at glance

  • Combat dry air
  • Turns off when desire humidity level is reached
  • Triple layer filter feature arm and hammer baking soda
  • Two water tanks for long hour’s operation (up to 24hrs.)
  • The tanks is easy to refill
  • This model comes with two handles
  • Digital LED controls display settings, viewable at a glance
  • Back up with 1 year limited warranty

This humidifier has lots of positive response from users on Amazon which I think you read also. Click here to visit product page.

General conclusion,

Finally, I we have done justice to the reviews of sunbeam humidifier and the list consist both cool and warm mist unit. Whichever mist type you want, choose accordingly so that you can enjoyed this winter.

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