The Best Humidifier for Office Desk Use Discussion and Guide

If you’re looking for a humidifier for office desk space, you should be aware that size and portability matters. Many office desks are normally occupied with different things causing limited space and if you also want to add a humidifier to the limited space, I encourage you to look for a small dimension unit which I will further show you some of the best office mini humidifier. The list consist of different brands with varies features. However, I have a USB units in my best personal desk humidifier guide which I recommend for office, and also the one for business travels and more!!!

Product Name

Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier

Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier, USB or Battery Operated Portable Travel Humidifying Device Check Price

  • Uses 3 AAA batteries
  • Can be charged via USB port
  • 8 hrs of operation
  • Auto shut off


AmuseNd USB Cool Mist Humidifier

AmuseNd USB Cool Mist, Mini Size Cactus Humidifier For Bedroom, Home, Office and Car Use Check Price

  • Rechargeable via USB port
  • Auto shut off


iTvanila Ultrasonic Humidifier

iTvanila Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Humidifier, Oil Diffuser Humidifiers with Remote Check Price

  • Uses remote control
  • Auto shut off


Pure Enrichment Hume Ultrasonic

Pure Enrichment Hume Ultra-Quiet Operation for Baby Nursery, Bedrooms and Office Check Price

  • Auto shut off
  • 5 year warranty

Mini Office/Bedroom Ultra-sonic
EWARE 3k037 Mini Office/Bedroom Ultra-sonic Humidifier Check Price

  • 10 hrs operation
  • Auto shut off


HoMedics Personal Ultrasonic

HoMedics Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier Travel Size Check Price

  • 4 hrs operation
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • 1 year warranty


Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist - Premium Humidifying Unit Lasts Up to 16 Hours Check Price

  • 16 hrs operation
  • Powered by AC adapter
  • 2 year warranty


Things to Consider When Picking a Humidifier for an Office Desk 2018 – 2019

Shopping for office humidifiers’ entails knowing some relevant features that makes up a good humidifier for office use. Not every humidifier looks welcoming most especially to visitors. So you would want to try as much as possible to fetch out the best model that fit into business environment. However, the points below are what to consider when choosing or deciding a humidity machine to add moisture to your office environment.

Size or dimension:

Look closely the size and dimension of the humidifier and compare it with your tabletop if it will not take much space. And if it will not, then it’s a perfect fit to consider. Even if you have a larger desk space, never purchase large size unit because as time goes on, you might have need of adding other office equipment or items to your desk. For you not to have challenge in the future stick to small sized humidifiers.


Since an office is a working environment, it’s known to be beautified and anything being added to your office on daily basis should complement the office settings. In order word, the appearance of the unit matters as lot. Classic and extra touch of appearance that blends into your office space is what should be installed in the office. No matter how robust the feature of a humidifier is, once its outer finishing is not good looking avoid it and look for something nicer.

Automatic features:

Since you’re in the office, you will be busy working and you won’t have time checking on appliances in the office. Considering checking for automatic features such as digital humidity setting to ensure output level is regulated by the unit without you doing it manually. Also, a unit with automatic shut-off is another feature to consider if you’re buying an office humidifier. This function helps turn the unit off whenever the tank is empty which is also good for the safety of the unit. Timer is another feature to look out for. This enables you to program the unit the hour you want it to work which is really great if you don’t want it to run all the time while you are working.

After checking on those features then you’re ready to get the best office humidifier because those things will be the pointer to picking the right product. However, the next part of this discussion leads to my best office humidifier reviews. I encourage you take your time reading in order to be familiar with the different unit discussed.

Reviews of 6 Best Humidifier For Office Desk Space Use

1. Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier, USB or Battery Operated Portable Travel Humidifying Device

The Best Humidifier for Office Desk Use Discussion and Guide

Launching out the first product in the list of best humidifier for office desk is a unit from the Fancii Company. The manufacturer designs the unit to release cool mist in small spaces such as the office environs. It’s also a perfect unit to travel with while enjoying cool moisture in your personal space.  This humidifying device use up a standard bottle full of water converting into moisture to moisten dry dreaded air while it lasting 8 hours of operation.

More so, this unit is powered by 3AA batteries that last up to 18hrs when fully charged. Apart from, it also features a USB port that allows you plug in to USB devices such as power bank, laptop and adapter as the case maybe.  Also the USB cable is included in the package saving you money of buying it separately.

When you talk about the sound level, that’s not a problem at all, the PureMist ultrasonic technology operates below 15 decibels sound ideal for serene office or work environment. In addition, equipped with timer that allow you program the unit for operation up to 8 hours choosing different timer levels. The USB min humidifier is also designed with low water sensor which let the unit to go off whenever water is no more to convert to mist.


  • It’s a compact and lightweight unit
  • Great for office, cars, bedroom, tent, hotel, flight and more
  • No wire tangling because it’s a cordless unit and this makes it ideal for travels
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries or charge it using the USB port
  • Intelligent shut-off when water runs out
  • Adjustable timer from 2,4,up to 6 hours settings

In summary, uses 3 WX2 filters that needs to be changed every one to two months.

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2. AmuseNd USB Mini Size Cactus Humidifier For Office and Car Use

AmuseNd USB Cool Mist, Mini Size Cactus Humidifier For Bedroom, Home, Office and Car Use

This is another cool mist humidifier in this discussion list you can also consider for your personal or office desk.

AmuseND allows easy carriage from one location to another. Its small size provides the convenient and makes users to feel like they aren’t carrying anything at all even while holding the unit. Feature a base that balanced well in any flat and level surface.

With this unit, your office can’t suffer from dry air or you being attacked by difficult breathing or nasal congestion because AmuseNd delivers mist that nullifies these entire ugly occurrences.

Also, its popular cactus designed fit into any modern settings you can ever imagine and so small that people may not notice what is being used for until they come closer to discover themselves.

The AmuseNd Cool Mist operation relies charging it via the USB port provided in the unit. Furthermore, the unit ultrasonic operation discourages noise creation which makes it outstanding for office, bedroom or children rooms. Also, safe and easy to use device as it’s equipped with four automatic powers off protection.


  • USB powered humidifier
  • Delivers cool mist only
  • Works with ultrasonic operation without noise pollution
  • It does not use filters in its operation
  • one year product warranty
Important Not
  • In order for the unit to work normally, ensure there is enough water in the humidifier and you should not put more water that exceeds its capacity
  • First time use, ensure to take out the swab and soak it fully and then replace back into the catheter (Also when not use for a long time, you need to soak the cotton rod again before you put it to use)
  • Never allow water to flow into the unit power connector

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3. iTvanila Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Humidifier, Oil Diffuser Humidifiers with Remote

iTvanila Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Humidifier, Oil Diffuser Humidifiers with Remote

The Itvanila brand of humidifier is a nice offer for those looking for office unit. With this unit, you are 100% assured of no water leaking or spilling on your desk well protected.

The smart ultrasonic office unit delivers cool mist that relieves dry air, sinus, allergies and the likes of others. In addition, comes with remote control system that allows you operate it anywhere in your space. No more standing up every time to go and turn on humidifier manually. To me I love the remote as it provides flexibility.

Many competitive units of its sizes don’t allow the use of essential oil but with iTvanila Ultrasonic Humidifier, you’re free to add fragrance to your office air or room by adding favorite’s essential oil.

With humidity sensor, iTvanila Ultrasonic releases the exact mist based on the prevailing surrounding environment. However, the iTvanila turns off when relative humidity is reached and starts again when humidity level drops.

Also, with the 35inch unit, you get a cleaner air delivered by its renewable filter with activated carbon purification. So with this humidity device you will breathe better air compare to general humidifiers

In addition to the features, the 5 liter water tank capacity unit does turn off when there is water outage or when you suddenly lift the tank.

Whether for office or bedroom use, you will enjoy the best of quiet moment from iTvanila model. Whisper quietly and for night use, feature night light that can be turn off.


  • This is an oil diffuser humidifier unit (means you can use aromatherapy oil with it)
  • Three mist levels control to choose from
  • Automatic humidity regulation by the unit
  • Holds up to 5 liters of water
  • Turns off when no water to use or when the tank is lifted from the unit
  • Remote control provides ease of use while even on your couch or bed
  • Carbon activated purified filter
  • Enjoy office environment with piece of mind or sleep quietly with whisper operation

This unit delivers optimal humidity needed for comfort via its automatic humidity sensor controls. In addition, release essential oil to your air and also operate the unit anywhere within your space via remote control.

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4. Pure Enrichment Hume Ultra-Quiet Operation for Baby Nursery, Bedrooms and Office

Pure Enrichment Hume Ultra-Quiet Operation for Baby Nursery, Bedrooms and Office

Even while you are still yet to settle down for the right office desk humidifier to pick due to myriad of them available here is Pure Enrichment that can also be consider for office need.

Although, not only for office but also ideal for baby’s room and even for bed room.  Whichever place you want to use the Pure Enrichment Hume Ultrasonic feel free but ensure such place is not a larger space.

This product while on highest speed would last for 12 hours of continuous operation in just one refill of the tank. This makes me recommend it for those that need a humidifier that can release humidity all through the night. Feature a Control Mist Knob that let you tailor the mist level to a particular speed depending on weather condition of your home or office.

Also, cleaning this unit is nothing to worry or stress about. Feature a tank with large opening for easy washing with your hand inside removing any build up mineral particles.

Most relevant feature required in any humidifier such as automatic shut off is available in this unit. This means unit safety is secure when ever tank is empty.

Also the unit integrated body design suppresses noise creation that’s good for office or nursery beds.


  • Has a variable mist setting
  • 5 liter water tank
  • 270 sq. ft. maximum coverage space
  • Large tank opening for easy cleaning
  • Include user manual especially for beginners
  • Back up with 5 year industry leading product warranty
  • Also 7 days customers support in a week

Essential oil should be use with this unit as the manufacturer didn’t specify it.

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5. EWARE 3k037 Mini Office/Bedroom Ultra-sonic Humidifier

EWARE 3k037 Mini Office/Bedroom Ultra-sonic Humidifier

The small foot print EWARE 3k037 cool mist humidifier feature a classic outlook great for office settings and personal living space.   Although little in size but provides cool mist air up to 10 hours all from a 1.4 liter tank capacity.

For those who complain about extra cost of running a humidifier, here is a great solution to cut down cost. This mini ultrasonic unit is energy efficient consuming less electricity which may not even reflects in your bill.

With this unit, you don’t need to spend money buying filter or time washing filter because the office/bedroom unit design doesn’t use filter in its operation.


  • Hold up to 1.4l of water
  • Provides cool mist lasting for 10 hours
  • Recommend for use in bed rooms or offices
  • Turns off when tank is empty
  • It does not use filter
  • High quality transducer ensures lasting and satisfactory operation
  • Energy saving and noiseless unit

In few words, only works well in small medium spaces and shouldn’t be use with essential oil or any other liquids apart from water.

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6. HoMedics Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier Travel Size

HoMedics Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier Travel Size

In my best humidifier for office desk also is the HoMedics product. The small size unit is ideal for personal space and ideal office desk. It requires little or no space looking at the design, its quit portable.  The ultrasonic personal HoMedics unit is one of the best units I recommend for travel in this discussion of best office humidifier for anyone. However, your business trip doesn’t mean you should suffer from dry air environment.

The lightweight unit uses less than a cup of water (200ml or 7/8 cup of water) while lasting for 4 hours runtime and also runs with a whisper sound.

What’s more? It comes with simple installation and cleaning process.

To install the unit, unplug and turn of the HoMedics. Unscrew the cover from the tank. Fill the tank with water and then replace back the humidifier cover. Plug the unit again and then press power button to resume work.

To clean the unit, remove the unit cover from the reservoir. Clean the reservoir with a soft cloth and rinse with clean water. I’ll advise you clean the tank every 2 to 3 weeks depending on the type of water you have


  • Lightweight and portable design ideal for travel, office etc
  • Works without creating noise pollution
  • Tank capacity accommodates up 200ml of water and runs for 4hrs
  • Easy to use and clean
  • included three free bonus wick filter
  • It comes with USB adapter and one AC adapter
  • User manual included and one year product warranty

The HoMedics is great for travels, personal space relaxation. Low cost to maintain. However, this unit can’t last for a whole night. If you need a unit offer long hour use then consider another product here.

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7. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist – Premium Humidifying Unit Lasts Up to 16 Hours

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist - Premium Humidifying Unit Lasts Up to 16 Hours

Nothing done to keep your office conducive is too much because it’s your working environment where you spend most hours of your days. And so should be well cater for especially during winter, rampart with low humidity and dried air causing discomfort which may further hinders the pace of doing your work. This is why I recommend humidifiers for use in office. However, to tackle feeling of dryness, eyes, chapped lips, congestion with non medication approach, humidifiers provides the best soothing relieves with no side effect when you maintain the unit very well.  In this regard, to draw up this discussion on best humidifier for office desk, I will vividly like you to see the last but not the least performing unit in the list which is the Pure Enrichment MistAire.

The MistAire is from a popular brand called the Pure Enrichment. If you are not new to humidifiers purchase then you should have come across some of their product along the search. However, this premium humidifying unit has more than 9,000+ user’s reviews on Amazon. That is to tell you how users love this Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic cool mist.

The cool mist unit however is designed for bedrooms, office, children rooms and medium-sized rooms inclusive. From its 1.5L tank delivers mist that last for about sixteen hours of operation.  Also, the unit operation is associated with quiet operation as an ultrasonic unit. In addition, installed with optional night light that offers soothing glowing light to complement your sleeping time if you are using it at home but for office use, simply turn it off. Automatic shut off to keep the unit safe when water level is low or is not left out in this humidifier. You can check out the break down below.


  • User manual
  • AC power adapter
  • Disk cleaning brush
  • Runs quietly
  • Last for 16 hours using up 1.5 liter of water tank
  • Designed to shut off itself on empty tank
  • Equipped with night light which can turn off
  • 2 year warranty plus 7 days a week customer support

Pure Enrichment is a trusted brand having millions of customers all over the world and this unit from them has able to gather closed to 10k customer’s reviews. This means it’s a popular unit among users and I highly recommend it as my best pick for office desk or tabletop need.

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Before you leave , check out my discussion on best humidifier for dry eyes guide and reviews

I hope this review and discussion on the best humidifier for office use has been of help to you and you can pick one for your office need today.

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