Best Humidifier for Dry Eyes Treatment And Reviews (Updated) 2019

I highly welcome you as you go through my humidifier for dry eyes treatment discussion. Reading this review will guide you on how to pick a unit that can help protect the eyes as it moisturizes the air by releasing humidity.

Best Humidifier for Dry Eyes Treatment And Reviews (Updated) 2019

What to know

In some parts of United States, November and December months down to January and February is a time when winter is always at its peak causing dry eyes and other skin problems.  Since winter is a certain event, this means you can’t escape dry eyes unless you maintain relative humidity in your home or office environment.

However, when your eyes are dried you will feel the urge to scratch them because of the feeling of dryness and irritation. And however, if you want on to scratch your eyes, it’ll eventually turn reddish.

Also, in the process of carrying out the action (scratching of eyes), microorganisms can find their way into the eyes. The worse thing, if the problem of dry air is left unchecked or unresolved then you might end up developing eye problem in the long run.

Know it, if you haven’t been experiencing dry eyes prior to winter  and then cometh winter you’re facing dry eyes problem. Then what you should understand, dry winter air is the responsible factor. Winter is also one ranking seasonal weather condition known to causing dry skin and chapped lips. You can also check this guide to pick the best humidifier for dry skin problem respectively.

The good news, the cool mist from humidifiers install in low humidity environment serves as the best method for dry eyes treatment. So, if you have been looking for ways to preventing your eyes drying out in the winter, follow this dry eyes humidifier discussion below. By doing this, you will discover a suitable unit.

Best Humidifier for Dry Eyes Treatment Comparison Table: Reviews

Product/ Name
Pure Enrichment MistAire Silver Ultrasonic
Pure Enrichment MistAire Silver Ultrasonic with Quite Operation Check Price on Amazon

  • 25 hrs operation
  • Small room use
  • 250 sq. ft. coverage

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LEVOIT Humidifier, 5.5L Warm Cool Mist
LEVOIT Humidifier 5.5L Warm Cool Mist Ultrsaonic with Remote Check Price on Amazon

  • 12 hr operation
  • Medium size rooms
  • 350 sq. ft. coverage

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Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon
Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative For Whole House Check Price on Amazon

  • 24 hr operation
  • Large room size
  • 1000, sq. ft. coverage

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Beurer Illuminated LCD Display
Beurer Illuminated Air Cleaner and Air Humidifier with LCD Display Check Price on Amazon

  • 24 hours operation
  • Large rooms size
  • 700 sq. ft. coverage

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OPOLAR Digital Humidifier
OPOLAR Digital Humidifier with Humidity, Timer and Permanent Filter Check Price on Amazon

  • 17 hours operation
  • Large room use
  • 325 sq. ft. coverage

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Clarion Air Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Clarion Air Ultrasonic Cool Mist with High Capacity Gallon Tank Check Price on Amazon

  • 40 hours operation
  • Large room size
  • 550  sq. ft. coverage

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BONECO Air Washer Humidifier 2055A
BONECO Air Washer Humidifier 2055A Check Price on Amazon

  • 24 hours operation
  • Large room size
  • 600 sq. ft. coverage

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7 Best Humidifier For Dry Eyes Treatment Reviews

1. Pure Enrichment MistAire Silver Ultrasonic

The Best Humidifier for Dry Eyes Treatment, Reviews and Discussion 2018

User’s reviews sometimes carry more weight when it comes to product reviews than those reviewing the product who haven’t tested it. Why? It is because they have tested the product and are in better position to give account. However, according to Amazon consumer reviews, this Pure Enrichment MistAire has helped me combat dry air and chapped lips said by a User. You can get the full details here by scrolling down to the user’s reviews section.

To begin, the Pure MistAire is the right and perfect choice for parents looking forward to protect their baby from dry eyes.  Because the MistAire comes in small size which fit into nursery beds and kids beds side. Also as a unit that runs quietly, won’t disturb your baby as he or she sleeps enjoying the night.

This unit is very easy to use. It features two mist controlling settings. High and low settings which enable you to tailor the rate at which you want the mist to circulate your baby’s room. Also, to the operation, low cleaning and maintenance cost because no filter to wash or replace like most competitive units.


  • Ideal for medium-sized rooms, office, kid’s bedsides and bedrooms
  • 25 hours continuous hour operation
  • Silent operation less than 32dB
  • Optional night light and 2 mist output settings
  • Automatic shut off function turns the unit when water is low
  • Has the maximum coverage capacity of 250 square feet.

Buying this Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist for small spaces and offices to prevents dry winter air worth it. It’s affordable, low running cost and comes with safety feature that keep the unit safe for use. Finally recommends this as my best office humidifier for dry eyes for cooperate or business environments.

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2. LEVOIT Humidifier 5.5L Warm Cool Mist Ultrsaonic with Remote

LEVOIT Humidifier 5.5L Warm Cool Mist Ultrsaonic with Remote

Also, a preview of one user of this LEVOIT Humidifier 5.5L Warm /Cool unit, the users said it’s a high end unit. This means it’s really great. The user further comments how it fit its tabletop perfectly and also easy to control using the remote system that comes with it. To confirm this details if this is true about the user, visit the product page on Amazon.

Going by my owe description; the LEVOIT unit has great appearance that fits into modern homes. Although, is a table top unit but may not be a good choice for office as it will occupy a larger space. When you choose this ultrasonic mist as a choice, you will gain access to two mist type. Because the unit is designed to deliver either warm or cool mist depending on the mist level you choose. The bed room sized humidifier is also an ultrasonic unit just like the first unit discussed and runs quietly as well.

Furthermore, you can’t have this unit and still be struggling with dry eyes in any place in your room. This unit features a double 360 degree mist nozzle that spread mist evenly in the room so that your space totally is humidified.

Faster Humidification

  • Designed with high mist output up to 450ml/hr. This means faster mist circulation
  • Works with sound less than 36 dB noise, so expect serene sleeping environment
  • Large tank capacity up to 5 liter and this power the humidifier up to 36 hours
  • You can specify a humidity level and program it up to 12hrs
  • Easy operation with touch control panel and remote
  • This humidifier for dry skin can also be use with aromatherapy scent oil
  • Easy to clean and use
  • This product is also back up with two years product warranty

In conclusion, the cool mist released by Levoit 5L will help keep your sinus, nasal passages free and keep your skin moist always even in hot weather. While the warm mists also released from the unit prevent the growing of molds, harmful bacteria, dust mists etc. The warm mist produced also relieves cough, dry nasal passages and irritating throat.

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3. Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative For Whole House

Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative For Whole House

In order to prevent dry eyes occurrence in a whole house where there is presence of low humidity, I recommend Vornado Evap40. However, if your home is measuring up to 1,000 square feet, this product has the capacity to humidify such coverage feet effectively without no bottleneck.

One unique feature, engineered with signature action of 60 HZ with 1600 RPM as the highest and 750 RPM as the lowest. This means, no delay in mist delivery.

Furthermore, no water spillage, because it’s equipped with air lock water tank that prevents water from spilling. Also, feature 24 hour’s operation to humidify dry air while you get optimal humidity level to maintain hydrated eyes.


  • 1000 square feet coverage
  • Three speed settings (low, medium and high)
  • Accommodates up to four gallon water capacity
  • Long hours evaporative mist provision
  • 100% water spillage free unit
  • It doesn’t create noise while working
  • 5 year warranty

Like I said before now, this product is an ideal unit that can release humidity in a whole house. With 3 settings, select the speed level you want. Back up with many years of product warranty.

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4. Beurer Illuminated Air Cleaner and Air Humidifier with LCD Display

Beurer Illuminated Air Cleaner and Air Humidifier with LCD Display

The Beurer Illuminated LCD in this review list of humidifier to treat dry eyes caused by dry air is a 2-in-1 unit. This means it has dual functionality. However, it can function as a humidifier and also function as an air purifier.  So the choice is yours if this will pay you more or less. But to me, for those whose air often gets dirty with floating air pollutant, this might just be a great deal for you to consider.

However, whenever you noticed a drop in humidity level, use it to release humidity to your atmosphere and on the other switch to air purifier mode to purify the atmosphere.


  • Humidifier mode provides you with cool mist
  • Air purifier mode cleanse your home atmosphere from airborne disease
  • Cleans home air without filter mats removing dust, pollen, animal hair and odors
  • Very quiet, can be operated in the bedroom
  • Auto-regulating humidification of ambient air by cold evaporation
  • Blue illuminated LCD display
  • It comes with fan with 3 performance levels
  • Easy to maintain and uncomplicated simple disassembly and can be cleaned in the dishwasher

This is the product with the best deal so far in the dry eyes humidifier review. Why? Serve as air humidification and air cleaning in one device.

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5. OPOLAR Digital Humidifier

OPOLAR Digital Humidifier with Humidity, Timer and Permanent Filter

The Opolar unit is for those looking for a filter unit that comes with permanent filter. This unit feature a filter that just need to be washed and  sundry and then replace back to the unit.

Also, with this humidifier for dry eyes, you get the right humid environment required for healthy living as the opolar ultrasonic will puts its digital humidistat to work regulating humidity level itself .

In addition to the features, designed to covers area of 325 square feet such as living room, bedroom including office use.


  • 3 mist settings
  • Vast tank capacity
  • Permanent filter
  • Mattel black style
  • Up to 14 to 17 hours of run time
  • Low water warning and automatic shut off
  • Feature 12 hour timer
  • Designed for larger room
  • Equipped with handle to moves the unit easily

With this unit, humidity is automatically controlled by the unit and also you can program the time you want the OPOLAR Digital Humidifier to work using the timer settings.

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6. Clarion Air Ultrasonic Cool Mist

Clarion Air Ultrasonic Cool Mist with High Capacity Gallon Tank

According to a user of this Clarion ultrasonic, I quote “I have done so much research on finding a great humidifier and came across this Clarion Air Ultrasonic.

She further, said that it’s the best humidifier and my first humidifier she will ever buy. It’s super quite and I like how i can adjust humidity i want my room.

Another amazing thing according to the user, even though has the intention of buying one for the father in law but also ended up buying an additional unit one for their kid’s room. The verified Amazon user also said, the cleaning process is easy too, don’t have to do much and no filter to clean as well


  • Larger tank for high water volume output
  • No filter to clean or change in order word, easier to clean
  • Set the humidity position where ever you want it by directing the 360 degree nozzle
  • Has a transparent tank for water monitoring
  • 30% quieter to other units, thanks to water Droplet Control technology
  • Has the capacity to covers rooms measuring up to 550 sq. feet.

The Clarion Cool Mist Ultrasonic nozzle can be adjusted to any position you want it. Also works with droplet water control technology that makes it quieter like most competitive brand.  Ideal for people with breathing and cold issues.

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7. BONECO Air Washer Humidifier

BONECO Air Washer Humidifier 2055A

Unfortunately this wonderful 2-in-1 unit comes in the last position but I’m not saying it’s the least performing in this best humidifier for dry eyes reviews. The 2055A is not only useful for putting moisture back into the air but also serves as an air washer in cleaning home air. However, if you are among those suffering from allergies problems caused by dirty air, BONECO Air Washer is a perfect solution even though functions as a humidifier.


As a dual function unit, I love it because with this product, household don’t need to start shopping for air purifier to clean their home air neither will there be a need of purchasing a humidifier for the winter. Even though is a two-one-unit doesn’t mean a hefty price tag but reasonably priced for both low and average income earner to afford.

Apart from helping to remove impurities from the air when use in air purifier mode or moisturizing air when use as humidifier. It doesn’t ends there, you can also use the BONECO 2055A to release fragrance into your atmosphere as it supports the use of aromatherapy scent oil. Left to me, it’s a complete family unit every household should have in their house.

Easy Operation

Moreno, easy operation, simply mount it on the floor or anywhere you want to use it and turn your unit on. However, suspension or support where to place BONECO 2055A is optional. The multiple function units also turn off automatically when tank level is low thereby saving energy. Furthermore, great for use in large room’s humidity need or air cleaning.


  • It works as a humidifier and also air purifier
  • Low energy usage
  • Recommend for rooms not exceeding 600 square feet
  • The unit features 3 gallon tank and this enable it to run for 24 hours
  • Turns of when there is no water to disperse again
  • Efficient in cleaning household dust, pollen and others allergies symptoms triggers
  • Feature container where to add essential oil for you to add aroma to your home air
  • Equipped with activated carbon technology
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Dry Eyes Treatment Using Humidifier

The eyes are is one of the essential sense organ in the body and care needs to be taking when it comes to the issues of the eyes. The priority of the eyes is one that cannot be overlooked for other because without the eyes, life almost seems meaningless. Therefore concerning dry eyes problems at the home level is one common problem face by many most especially in winter days. This period of dry month is really tough coping with the whole of the hazardous dry air, which is one of the known climatic factors for eyes drying out.

Those who had suffered one or more eye related issues in their lifetime which is not from birth globally, medically has been traced to lack of humidity in the air. Humidity plays a vital role in fighting many health conditions and remains one of the simple home remedies for dry eyes. And if you have ever suffered eyes difficulties and you seems not to know the possible symptoms that accompany it then is high time to let you that itching eyes, irritating, watery or teary eyes etc. are some of the syndrome caused by dry eyes. But do not be too sure if your eyes problem is as a result of dry air and because of this, I recommend you book an appointment with your doctor for examination.

However, if you’re certain low humidity in your home is the cause then there isn’t need to panic. There are many ways to resolve this issues without spending much. One of the ways to cure dry eyes permanently in the winter is to maintain optimal indoor humidity with the using a humidifier, a home improvement appliance.

Why Humidifier for Dry Eyes Treatment?

Different studies made it clear that average home humidity should start from 45% down to 60% in order to live in a stated of healthiness. Too high or too low is bad but in the case of dry eyes, its quit clear that the air is drastically dried out and when you continue to live or stay longer in such environment, eyes drying out can’t be avoided including your skin and sinuses. This is where humidifiers becomes the priority to combat dryness or air by releasing humidity. The device is design in such a way that you can add water into it and turn it on to provide you moisture air into your house atmosphere.  It is very easy to use, not a complex machine to operate. They come in various designs and coverage size. Most importantly the type of mist delivered by a particular unit is notable to the kind of result to expect. Basically, you will find the cool mist, warm mist and the steam units and for the sake of dry eyes, cool mist humidifiers are better to be beckon for dry eyes treatment.

How does Humidifier works

A humidifier is powered by energy source, mostly electricity and works with the water put into it supplying it as humidity. And this process is called humidification which is the act of raising indoor air humidness artificially. Although, some of the whole house humidifiers types, you don’t need refill, they gets their water from the home water supply but for the single room unit, you can’t escape refilling. The good news, all the types of humidifiers are designed for humidity actualization.

General Discussion

We hope this best humidifier for dry eyes discussion will help you find and pick the best you want to release moistened air in your home.

If you’re facing dry in your office, I pick the MistAire unit as the best humidifier for office or desktop humidifier respectively. Why? The quietness and size makes it a perfect humidifier for office desk.

For whole house humidification, see the Vornado 40 gallon capacity as the right unit for such need.

To suppress allergies symptoms while cleaning the air and also a unit that serves as a humidifier, choose the BONECO Air Washer/Humidifier, a dual function as the ideal unit.

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