Best Honeywell Warm Mist Humidifier For The Winter

As popular as the Honeywell brand of humidifier among consumers, it is surprising that Honeywell warm mist humidifiers are few on the market for those looking for warm mist unit from Honeywell humidifier brand. What I’m saying is the genesis facts. Due to high search term by consumers seeking for warm mist unit from this company, I saw it needful to help out in meeting such needs. However, it wasn’t easy at all finding only warm mist humidifier manufactured by Honeywell but eventually came up with two products which I think are the only units that disperse warm from the aforementioned company. In order words, those in need of warm mist humidifier designed by Honeywell have the options to pick from the reviews below.

The Review of The 2 Honeywell Warm mist Humidifier

1. Honeywell Easy to Care Warm Mist Humidifier

Matter of fact, this easy-care- humidifier is one of the few warm mist unit designed for large room humidity circulation for those looking for a unit that disperses warm air to raise the temperature of their rooms in the winter months. The pace setter unit appearance can’t be underestimated when it comes to modern home settings. Why? It is classic, has modern looks and eye catching that adds beauty to places where it’s mounted. In-fact, I must say Honeywell left a mark of no competition when it comes to the clean outer look and finishing. Kudos to Honeywell brand, not making only humidifier that deliver performance but also a decoration unit.

Also, it is not just an emblem of beauty it only. Its functionality is well engineered and has been tested by the manufacturer and other Amazon customers to deliver optimal performance. And this is the major reason why you have opt out for reviews because you need the best of quality plus performance which I know this product won’t disappoint you for. However, the operation of this device involves an adjustable humidistat that helps to regulate and sets desired humidity level require by turning on and off of the humidifier. More so, during the winter periods, the home is always characterized by cold air causing household discomfort but you can tackle this problem with easy care Honeywell humidifier as it runs for up to 24 hours on low setting ensuring warm mist is being released constantly. Most relevantly, even as a warm mist unit it readily kills germs but in order to give user a health-safe atmosphere, it is equipped with a medicine cup where you can add your liquid inhalant if you choose to which is as an added plus for healthier living.

Furthermore, the warm mist humidity disperser features a Rest light that illuminates informing users to know the tank is due for refill. It also features automatic shut-off when the tank is empty for peace of mind should in case users forgot to check tank level before sleeping.

Although, I have said it all but I would love to summarize the Honeywell easy care warm mist humidifier giving the ups and down below for a better knowledge.


  • Easy refill process and it’s done through the top opening.
  • Provides warm mist without emitting white dust like cool mist or ultrasonic humidifiers models does.
  • Reasonably quiet making it ideal for bed room use. Matter of fact, sound level is equivalent to a table fan that is on low speed.
  • Assemble in one shell, this means no linkages to experience from poor seal.
  • Runs for up to 24 hrs when on a low speed.


Some users complains about difficulties in carrying the unit when full with water as no handles or grip to help assist in this situation .

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2. Honeywell HWM705B Filter Free Warm Moisture Humidifier, Black

This honeywell HWM705B is my next unit in my Honeywell warm mist humidifier reviews, although I only discussed only two products of which this model is the last on the list. However, if you are not new to humidifier purchase, you would have comes across the HWM705B as its one popular among users when it comes to warm mist humidifiers. Nevertheless, the black color unit is a filterless unit but yet provides uncontaminated warm mist visible air that helps combat dry air anywhere its place in the home. In order for the filter-free unit to work effectively, you have to ensure you are using it in a small medium room sized as recommended by the manufacturer.

Furthermore, the warm moisture humidifier features two settings. High and low output level. When on a low level settings, the unit can run in 24 hours in moisture delivery. Also, it is equipped with water refill indicator and medicine cup just like the model above.


  • Also provides warm temperature air
  • No filter to replace


  • Works more efficiently in small medium rooms, for bigger rooms consider other brands of unit or the one above appropriately.

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In conclusion,

I know how it feels to live in a cold indoor environment especially during the cold months and if you are living in colder regions, it is a must you get for yourself a warm mist humidifier to raise the temperature as require. Well in this review, I have discussed two products from the same brand Honeywell to mention and I know I did talk about details of each unit which I think you can justify yourself. If you dim it fit to pick any of the unit, you can do the needful so as to start enjoying warm in door atmosphere. But I hope this Honeywell warm mist humidifier discussion is has been if help, if so, you can give us a share on your social network.

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