Best Filterless Humidifier Reviews For Bedroom | Consumer Reports 2018 – 2019

For so many reasons, consumers prefer filterless humidifier over unit that uses filters in their operation. This is as a result of the low cost of maintaining filter-less unit. That is no filter to clean or replace, saving your time and cost respectively.  However, on the market, humidifiers that uses filters has the highest numbers and that means, none-filter units are low in number.

You should also know that most units without filters are mostly ultrasonic and this type of humidifier is not powerful enough to cover a whole room humidity need. Nevertheless, you can count on filter less unit for whole room humidification. However, if your interest is getting a humidifier with no filter, I am here to help you as I have researched and compile my best filter-less humidifier into a review form for your consideration.

Top Five Best Filterless Humidifier Reviews

1. Bionaire Ultrasonic Filter-Free Tower Humidifier, BUL7933CT

Best Filterless Humidifier Reviews For BedroomTo maintain a healthy state in dry month while eliminating problem of dry air such as bacteria with a filter-less humidifier, you can rely on the Bionaire Ultrasonic unit to restore relative humidity. The unit is a standalone unit that can be mount directly on the floor without any suspension table or desk.

The space designed free tower humidity provider is a perfect device for people living in rooms with limited space and also with its black color, a little dusting will keep the unit surface clean and shinning.  Also, the BUL7933CT model comes with other notable features that make it an attractive unit for the price which are stated below:

  • Great appearance perfect for any environment you can think of.
  • Programmable digital humidistat.
  • Installed with 1.5 water tank capacity that enable the unit to run for not less than 24 hours
  • The tank is designed with antimicrobial material that prevent growing of mold, bacteria etc. that can cause odors, stains or affect the unit performance.
  • Viewable LCD panel that lets you view settings such as current room humidity level, tank level, timer, and other features
  • It is ideal for large room/bedroom
  • Equipped with empty tank functioning
  • It’s pretty quiet while working

2. MistAire XL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Large Rooms

MistAire XL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Large Rooms The MistAir XL is another ultrasonic unit on my humidifier reviews that uses no filter which also will not disappoint you at the most crucial time. It’s small and compact sized makes it fit for tabletop or office desk without requiring much space. Also, the size allows for easy mobility from one room to another making the large room ultrasonic unit outstanding among bulky unit.  Safety features is engineered in this cool mist humidifier and other features remarkable features detailed below:

  • Built for large space bedrooms (500 square feet)
  • It is a one gallon unit for up to 10 to 20 hours operation
  • Variable mist control knob
  • Optional night light (red, green and blue)
  • Single and dual mist outlet
  • Unit turns off when water level is empty or when tank is removed
  • 5 year warranty
  • Other features includes AC power adapter, disk cleaning brush and user manual

3. Rosewill Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom

Rosewill Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for BedroomI recommend this Rosewill filter-less unit for small/medium sized rooms and also for those in need of a 360 degree nozzle to enjoy random mist distribution in their room. The transparent tank unit features a reservoir that can hold a good amount of water that makes the unit last you through the night providing cool mist. Using and maintaining the unit, is not a task as an ultrasonic model, no filters to clean or replace.  Hence, check, the specs below for more details:

  • 5liter tank capacity
  • Dual nozzle that rotates in 360 degree wise
  • Auto shut off when tank is empty
  • Different mist control
  • Built in low LED light
  • Runs quietly with
  • Associated with low maintenance
  • For spaces measuring up to 250 square feet
  • Tanks feature a tank for easy refilling

4. Honeywell Cool Mist Filter Free Humidifier

Honeywell Cool Mist Filter Free HumidifierYou can as well choose this honeywell product among my best filter less humidifier as a choice unit. As a humidifier with no filter, provides low cost of maintenance.  You may consider the rest of the feature if this unit may interest you:

  • Refilling is as easy as breeze
  • Equipped with 1 liter tank but will last you for up to 46 hrs of run time.
  • No filters needed
  • Removable safe parts dishwasher
  • Works more efficiently in small – medium size room /bedroom
  • Rotating mist nozzle

5. Honeywell HUL535B Cool Mist Humidifier

Honeywell HUL535B Cool Mist HumidifierMy last but not the least performing unit in the reviewed list also comes from Honeywell brand. This HUL535B model from them is designed to deliver cool mist and is ideal for small bedroom use and also fit into little space or table.

The black color unit won’t prove difficult to maintain and also as an ultrasonic, no filter also means, no noise pollution to be cause by the Honeywell HUL535B device. Small foot print unit but comes with outstanding features that makes operation an interesting one. Check for yourself if this my top 5 unit will meet your room demand:

  • Variable mist setting
  • On low setting can run for up to twenty-four hour in one refill
  • Releases invisible cool mist that’s improves skin and ease congestion
  • Manufactured for medium room use
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • The unit goes off when tank level is low
  • The need of washing filter or replacing is not required as a filterless humidity device.

In Conclusion

I have come this far with you on the review of the selected filterless humidifier consider to be best in my own researched. By now so believed that you are well informed on the various products for effective decision on which unit that may interest you.  Wish you best of luck!