Air Purifier or Humidifier for Asthma: Which Is Best?

Air Purifier or Humidifier for Asthma: Which Is Best?

You thinking if you should choose an air purifier over humidifier for asthma? You cannot justify yourself until you get to understand the functionality of both device. Even though they are designed for indoor air quality improvement or good for breathing and respiratory problems, their difference still exist which distinguish them.

Understanding an Air purifier

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This eliminates all sorts of airborne contaminant from indoor air. It has the capacity to filter and removes dust remains, pet dander, bacteria, mold spores, allergens smoke odors, pet dander and harmful substance.

The working mechanism involves sucking dirty indoor air into the unit compartment passing through the layers of its filters. Among these filters is the HEPA model which is the next rated model to the Trues HEPA, usually recommended for allergies people. This filter has the power to traps tinier molecules of 0.3 microns.  However, the True HEPA version is know for removing up to 99.97 percent of air contaminant that triggers asthma and respiratory ailment.

While air purifier is capable of cleaning the air for fresher breathe, know it, it does not release moisture back to your home air.

Understanding a Humidifier

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A humidifier principle is to add moisture to your home air. This is done by emission of moisture which may be visible or not depending on the model you have.  The device also require adding of water into the tank when low tank is reached for it to serve humidity. But in recent times, some newer version called the whole house humidifiers can be connected to home water supply system to eliminate which eliminate manual refilling.

In practical and reality today, from scientific studies, users reviews, humidifiers is widely known to relieving dry skin, throat, bleeding nose, sinus conditions and breathing challenges that occurs in dry climates.

While you are raising humidity level with a humidifier, it is important to know high amount of moisture cause molds and its counterpart mildew development. You have to pay attention to detail of letting the levels to be between 40 – 50%. A drop below means dry indoor atmosphere and thus cause the symptoms of low humidity as mentioned earlier. Consequently, above 50% result to the reproduction of dust mite, growing of molds and mildew.

Humidifier or Air Purifier: Which Is Best For You?

A humidifier is best for these reasons:

  • To increase moisture level at home
  • If you’re experiencing frequent dryness, nose bleeding and sinus leading to short breath.
  • You live in dry climate region characterized by dry air.

An air purifier is best for individuals of this class:

  • Suffering from allergies asthma or respiratory problems, you need it to clean dirty air.
  • You need it if you want to eliminate pet’s dander, fur or allergens flowing in your home air.
  • Helpful in reducing odors from cooking, smoke, mold and pets.
  • This device helps in reducing dust that has built up for unknown to you. 

Frequently Asked About Air Purifier and Humidifiers

Q. Humidifier Vs Air Purifier Which Is Good For Baby?

A. Both can be used in respect to home condition. When the air is dry, you can run a humidifier to put back moisture to the room to enable your baby breath better. While an air purifier does clean air providing your child cleaner and fresher air to breathe. 

Q. A Humidifier or Air Purifier for Allergies?

A. In this context, a humidifier may not be the option unless your air is dry. It may even increase the allergies in the presence of high humidity, as such air purifier is the deal to remove mold spore, pollen, pet dander and others.

Q. A Humidifier vs. Air Purifier for Asthma?

A. Humidifiers will only makes the air to be more breathable adding moisture, however, it is not the best option for asthma issues rather fall back to air purifier that has the capacity to purify dirty air that causes asthmatic episode.

Q. Can I Use Air Purifier and Humidifier in the Same Room?

A. The answer is YES. Both device performs different function and so can be use simultaneously. The later cleanse the air while the former add moisture back to the air.

In regards to the above information on air purifier vs humidifier as you’ve read. You must have understood the operation these devices perform and also be able to know which one is suitable for your current home condition.  

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